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Agreement fitted to the bourgeoisie of Greece – Italy, should not be applauded

The Press Office of the CC of the KKE issued the following statement on the Greek-Italian agreement:

"The agreement on the demarcation of maritime zones between Greece and Italy, announced by the foreign ministers of the two countries, it's not to celebrate.

It is an agreement that serves the interests and plans of the bourgeoisie of the two NATO and the EU member states, which are involved in the ongoing imperialist rivalries, with painful consequences for the peoples of the region.

Those who speak of a "historic day" do not take into account that the demarcation of the continental shelf between the two countries in 1977 did not serve the people's interests and did not avoid the escalation of problems in the wider region, while the same applies to the delimitation of the EEZ between Cyprus, Israel, Egypt and Lebanon.

Alsothe allegations that the Greek-Italian agreement neutralizes the legal and political arguments used by the Turkish leadership in the context of the escalation of aggression in the East Mediterranean, are extravagant and degrade the worrying and dangerous developments in the East Mediterranean, Aegean, Middle East and North Africa.

The KKE has long argued that the demarcation of maritime zones and the right of islands to continental shelf and EEZ results from the 1982 International Convention on the Law of the Sea and has condemned the unacceptable Turkey-Libya agreement, as well as the licensing of the Turkish oil company for research on the Greek continental shelf, which violates the rights of the Greek islands.

Definitely, the KKE will study further the Greek-Italian agreement for the delineation of the maritime zones, as well as the regulations for fishing ".