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Despicable EP resolution absolves Israel from its responsibility for the genocide of the Palestinian people

Another despicable resolution of provocative support for the occupying Israeli state, which is massacring the Palestinian people, was adopted by the European Parliament. The MEPs of the KKE voted against the unacceptable resolution.

This time, however, the hypocrisy of the resolution put forward by the social democrats, liberals and greens, has reached a record high. And this is because its main task was to present the EU as a supposed proponent of ceasefire and peace. Alarmed by the popular ongoing and growing outcry against Israel taking place all over the world and the condemnation of the genocide of the Palestinian people, they have resorted to all sorts of tricks in the resolution; however, the very text gave them away.

They refuse to call for an immediate, unconditional and permanent ceasefire, as the amendment voted for by the KKE called for, and talk of ‘calls for a permanent ceasefire and to restart efforts towards a political solution provided that all hostages are immediately and unconditionally released and the terrorist organisation Hamas is dismantled’. In other words, a supposed ceasefire which is automatically cancelled since the conditions it lays down are the very pretexts used by the murderous state of Israel for the massacre of the Palestinians, which the resolution shamelessly describes as ‘disproportionate’! It even cynically justifies the massacre by recognizing Israel’s ‘right to defend itself’ and provocatively attempts to portray the just cause of the Palestinian people as terrorism.

However, this resolution also acts as a harbinger of the escalation of the imperialist conflict as it ‘welcomes’ the dangerous for the peoples imperialist US/NATO-led ‘Operation Prosperity Guardian’, which is adding fuel to the already explosive situation in the Red Sea under the pretext of ‘freedom of navigation’ and aimsatsafeguardingthe profitability and prosperity of shipowners. By decision of the New Democracy government, Greece participates in this operation, which opens the way for the formation of an EU armada, alongside the US, in the Red Sea battlefield.

The sea of peoples who have been demonstrating for over 100 days all over the world and clamouring for the rights of the Palestinian people, will once again spoil the plans of the initiators of this unacceptable resolution, which rehashes the dangerous claims of the murderous Israeli state. The peoples, expressing their solidarity, can give further impetus and strength to the struggle of the Palestiniansfor the true way out: the end to the massacre bythrowing off the yoke of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, and an independent Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its capital, on the borders established before June 1967.