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EU Parliamentary group of the KKE: Denunciation of the mass murders and disappearances in Mexico

The KKE in the last Plenum of the EU parliament had speedily denounced the murderous attacks against communists and other militants in Mexico.


Today, the state repression is multiplying and taking on mass characteristics. It is a barbaric repression carried out jointly by the police and paid killers, in full coordination, and in which the administration of the municipality of Iguala, the social-democratic government of the PRD party in the state of Guerrero and the federal government are all involved.


Those that struggle for the people’s rights in Mexico, those that dispute the power of capital and impede the plans of the monopolies are the victims of these murderous attacks.


We denounce the repression, the violent disappearance and murders committed against workers, students, farmers and their organizations, against the cadres of the CP of Mexico. Those responsible must answer for their actions and be punished.