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Statement of the European Communist Initiative Secretariat

For the immediate liberation of the young Palestinian Ahed Tamimi

After the decision of the Trump government to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the government of Israel has been emboldened, increasing its aggressiveness against the Palestinian people. The State of Israel intensifies the assassinations of Palestinian demonstrators, repression, arrests, imprisonments, expanding the settlements on Palestinian territory.

The arrest of the 16 year-old Ahed Tamimi is indicative of the barbarity of Israel’s repression forces. They arrested her in her own house with the provocative accusation of resistance against the authorities, filing against her 12 charges for action against the occupation of the Palestinian territories by the Israel army.

Along with Ahed Tamimi the inalienable right of the Palestinian people to struggle against occupation is being attacked, for their right to have their own homeland, against the imperialist plans of the USA, EU, NATO and the government of Israel.

The European Communist Initiative calls the working class, the people, the youth in our countries to condemn in the most categorical way the persecution of Ahed Tamimi, demanding her immediate release and exemption from all charges.

To condemn the continuing crime against the Palestinian people and the escalation of Israel’s aggressiveness.

To express their solidarity with the just struggle of the Palestinian people against Israel’s occupation, against the provocative decision of the United States that recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

To strengthen their struggle for the creation and recognition of the Palestinian state with the borders of 1967, and with East Jerusalem as its capital.