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The Communist and Workers’ Parties of Europe which met at the European Communist Meeting 2013 held in Brussels on the 30th of September, address a militant call to the working class, the popular strata, the youth and stress that they will play the leading role so that struggle the labour-people’s movement becomes effective and takes on mass characteristics.

This is a call so that a decisive, militant response can be given to the full scale anti-people offensive of the forces of capital, of the governments that serve the interests and profitability of the large business groups.

It has been demonstrated through the peoples’ experience that the EU is a union of the monopolies, its strategy is in the service of European capital.

The working class-popular families are facing the painful consequences of the bourgeois management, the anti-people political line of the social-democratic parties and governments.

Unemployment is tormenting millions of workers, striking at the youth and women in particular.

Flexible forms of employment are being constantly expanded, collective labour agreements, social and social-security rights are being abolished, poverty is growing.

Capitalism cannot provide solutions for the people’s problems, it has exhausted its historical limits, it is a rotten exploitative system that cannot be corrected. The struggle of the peoples will be effective to the extent that it is directed towards  the overthrow of this system.

The workers have the obligation to decisively condemn imperialist wars, the policy of repression, anti-communism, the criminal activity of fascist organizations.

Our parties intensify their struggle against social-democracy and opportunism and are devoting their forces to the reinforcement of the people’s struggle, the development of working class solidarity, persisting in the organization of the working class, the construction of the social people’s alliance so that the struggle for the abolition of capitalist exploitation can become more effective, so that the workers can enjoy the wealth that they produce.



Party of Labour of Austria

Communist Party of the Workers of Belarus

Workers' Party of Belgium

Union of Communists in Bulgaria 

New Communist Party of Britain


Communist Party of Bohemia Moravia

Communist Party of Denmark 

Communist Party in Denmark

Pole of Communist Revival in France

Union of Revolutionary Communists of France

Unified Communist Party of Georgia

Communist Party of Greece

Hungarian Workers' Party

The Workers' Party of Ireland

Communists People’s Left-Communist Party of Italy

Socialist Party of Latvia

Socialist People’s Front of Lithuania

Communist Party of Luxembourg

Communist Party of Malta

People’s Resistance Moldova

New Communist Party of the Netherlands

Communist Party of Norway

Communist Workers' Party of Russia

Communist Party of Soviet Union

New Communist Party of Yugoslavia

Communist Party of Slovakia

Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain

Communist Party of Turkey.