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Workers’ May 1 2019 in Greece

Mass demonstrations for the total regroupment of the labour-trade union movement, against government-employer led trade unionism, for new gains for the working class

Thousands of workers, unemployed, pensioners, youth, women and immigrants, farmers and self-employed were present in a mass way at the May 1st strike rallies organized in dozens of cities all over the country by the federations, labour centres and trade unions that are rallied in the All-Workers’ Militant Front (PAME).

Through their mass participation, with the banners of the trade unions and other mass organizations, with their slogans and their decisiveness, against old and new illusions being sowed by the bourgeoisie, the parties that serve it regarding “just development”, “positive measures”, the “geostrategic enhancement” of the country etc, the workers all over the country continued the struggle of the previous period against the interests of the business groups, their parties and governments, the political line of the EU.They demanded the abolition of all the antiworker/antipeople laws, the recovery of the enormous losses of the income of the workers and other popular strata, for the satisfaction of their contemporary needs.They continued the important battles in sectors and workplaces, against the catastrophic situation in relation to labour relations that is deepening and intensifying and safeguards the profits and competitiveness of capital.

Reacting immediately to the new wretched imperialist intervention of the USA and the EU in Venezuela, they sent a powerful message of internationalist solidarity with the peoples that are struggling, that are being targeted by imperialism.

In its statement the Executive Secretariat of PAME saluted the mass participation of thousands of workers and people in yesterday’s May 1st strike demonstrations. Trade unions and workers also gave a resounding answer to the machinations and slanders of the trade union mafia in the leadership of the General Confederation of Greek Workers(GSEE) and those that support it, whose demonstrations were notable for their lack of workers’ participation.








The rally of PAME in Athens during the main speech

The rally of GSEE during the main speech at its event



DIMITRIS KOUTSOUMPAS: May 1st must be a launching pad for the total regroupment of the labour-trade union movement

A large delegation of the CC of the KKE, headed by the GS of the CC, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, attended the strike demonstration in Athens. He made the following statement: « May 1st of 2019, with as a legacy the important 20-year course of PAME, must be a launching pad for the total regroupment of the labour-trade union movement, against government-employer-state controlled trade unionism, for new gains for the working class of our country. And of course for the working class to acquire the leading role, through the social alliance with the other popular strata, the self-employed, craftsmen, scientists, farmers, youth, women from the popular families, in their struggle against the monopolies, against capitalist exploitation, against the imperialist wars, for socialism.”

Workers’ May 1 2019 in Greece