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Message of internationalist solidarity of the KKE to the PCV

Dear comrades,

The KKE expresses the warmest comradely greetings of the Greek communists to the 15th National Congress of the PCV .

Our parties all these years have developed very close, bilateral comradely relations of cooperation. We have met together in the efforts to overcome the difficulties, for the theoretical and ideological regroupment of the international communist movement, the reinforcement of Marxist-Leninist orientation in its ranks, for the creation and publication of the International Communist Review. We have waged battles together to defend the communist identity of the IMCWP and to preserve its communist characteristics. We have devoted significant forces to developing the anti-imperialist struggle and solidarity, to strengthening the international anti-imperialist organizations.

The KKE supported and decisively supports the PCV and the struggle it is waging in very complex and difficult conditions. It is our conviction that the strengthening of the PCV corresponds to the immediate and long-term interests of the working class and poor popular strata of Venezuela and we wish every success to your 15th Congress.

Dear comrades,

Truly, your congress is being held in a complex and difficult period. Capitalist barbarity, the intensification of the inter-imperialist contradictions, of the antagonisms between capitalist powers and alliances pose serious challenges for the communists. Capitalism in its imperialist stage has nothing to offer the peoples apart from exploitation, poverty, wars and misery.

The capitalist path of development in all countries inevitably is accompanied by capitalist crises, and these crises refute the false expectations the popular masses had that there could be a pro-people political line and that the peoples needs could be satisfied by the forces of social-democracy, in the form of the so-called left or progressive governments. The outbreak of the crisis and the needs of capital for the increase of profitability has led then to carry out a full-scale offensive against the working class, to abolish fundamental labour, social rights that had been won by the struggle of the workers'-people's masses, the class struggle.

The experience from the anti-people political line of the SYRIZA-ANEL government in Greece stresses the characteristic role of social-democracy that is supported by big capital and the imperialist unions in order to impose harsh anti-people measures.

The ruling class in our country utilizes the developments in Venezuela and more generally in Latin America to sow confusion and disorientation, to blur the socialist perspective. However, what is in crisis is not socialism and Marxism-Leninism, but capitalism, and the dead-end positions of the so-called "21st Century Socialism" that operates in the framework of the exploitative system.

We honour the 100th anniversary of the world-historic event of the Great October Revolution and we believe that this year and the years to follow can be utilized for the defense of the historical truth, of the achievements of socialism and the irreplaceable contribution of the USSR in the struggle of the peoples all over the world.

The lessons of the October Socialist Revolution constitute a solid base for valuable lessons to be drawn which will strengthen the struggle of the communists, the labour movement, for the defense and utilization of the scientific positions of Marxism-Leninism in opposition to bourgeois ideology and opportunism.

The study of the experience of the October Revolution can contribute positively so that a substantial discussion can begin about how the International Communist Movement will overcome contradictions and difficulties that are created by the strategy of intermediate stages inherited from previous eras. A decisive step forwards must be taken so that the strategy of the international communist movement corresponds to the character of our era, an era of the transition from capitalism to socialism, the struggle for socialism must mark the daily activity of communists, their leading activity to organize the struggle of the working class regarding all its problems.

Dear comrades,

The KKE has always stood unwaveringly at the side of the CP of Venezuela and continues on this path. Our party denounces the imperialist interventions and expresses its internationalist solidarity with the working class, the people of Venezuela and the other countries of Latin America. The interests of the working class lie in strengthening its struggle against the bourgeois class and the capitalist shackles, in building the alliances needed to oppose the bourgeoisie and its state, in fighting for worker's power and constructing socialism-communism.

We wish every success of the 15th Congress of the PCV.

The CC of the KKE