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The people rise up against the war and the country’s participation

“Neither land nor water to the butchers of the peoples”

On 29th August the slogan “neither land nor water to the butchers of the people” prevailed in the centre of Athens in the mass demonstration organised by the KKE’s Party Organisation of Attica and KNE at the Syntagma Square (outside the Greek Parliament). The KKE called on the people to rise up against the imperialist war which is planned by the USA-NATO-EU against the Syrian people and against any intervention of the country. The speech at the rally was delivered by comrade Kostas Paraskevas, member of the Political Bureau of the CC of the KKE and Secretary of the Party Organisation of Attica. The General Secretary of the CC of the KKE, comrade Dimitris Koutsoumbas, also participated in the rally. A message condemning the imperialist war signed by 60 Communist and Workers’ Parties from all over the world was presented at the beginning of the rally.

Kostas Paraskevas noted amongst others:

“These days the propaganda, the “psychological warfare” is being escalated in order to mislead, to manipulate people’s consciousness, to intimidate and subjugate them in view of the fear that causes a war in the region. Pretexts and “great ideas” are fabricated, as is the case in every war, in order to conceal the real causes, the real goals of the imperialists”.

K. Paraskevas referred to the competition between the imperialist powers underlining that it does not take place “neither for the people’s rights nor for democracy, but for the natural wealth, above all for energy, its transport routes, the shares of the markets”.

The cadre of the KKE rejected the imperialist pretexts and revealed the real goals of the intervention and defended the right of the Syrian people, as well as of every people, to determine the developments in their country, without foreign interventions and called on the Greek people to react decisively, to condemn every participation of the Greek government in the promotion of the imperialist plans.

The General Secretary of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumbas, made the following statement to the representatives of the media: 

“We say an unequivocal NO to the imperialist intervention in Syria. No involvement of Greece in any way.  The political forces that want to give land and water to the butchers of the people bear heavy responsibility. The same holds true for these political forces which adopt all imperialist pretexts and obscure the real content of the imperialist war.

The only responsible to determine the developments in its country is the Syrian people and certainly not the imperialist multifaceted military political economic interventions, irrespective of they name they are given, irrespective of the form they take on, irrespective of whether they take on the form of the imperialist war, as it happens now, or the form of the imperialist peace”.

The rally was followed by a huge march to the US embassy where the anti-war initiative of the KKE was concluded.

The KKE held rallies in the big cities of Crete (Heraklion, Chania, Rethymno). It should be noted that the big US and NATO naval and air military basis which is used as a starting point for the imperialist assaults in the region is located in Crete (Souda).