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On the recognition of the “independence” of the so-called “People’s Republics” in Donbas

The KKE and KNE as well as the pro-peace and anti-imperialist organizations strengthen the struggle against the country’s involvement in the USA–NATO–EU military plans so that Greek territory is not used for operations in Ukraine, the Greece–USA agreement on the bases is not ratified, and all Euro-Atlantic bases and infrastructure are immediately closed down.


In this framework, yesterday, 21 February, the Struggle Committee Against the Greece–USA Agreement on the Bases held a demonstration outside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Athens with the participation of delegations of the Greek Committee for International Détente and Peace (EEDYE), trade unions, student unions, associations of the Federation of Greek Women (OGE), organizations of the self-employed, etc. Respectively, a mass march took place in Thessaloniki, following a call from the EEDYE to the mass organizations of the city.


At the same time, the Press Office of the CC issued a statement on the recognition of the “independence” of the so-called “People’s Republics” in Donbas, which reads as follows:


The decision of the Russian Federation to proceed with the recognition of the so-called 'People's Republics' of Donetsk and Luhansk in the Donbas region, which seceded from Ukraine in 2014, is another step that further complicates the situation in this region and leads to the escalation of imperialist competition, in the context of the confrontation between the USA–NATO–EU and Russia. It is undoubtedly linked to the USA–NATO–EU intervention in Ukraine as well as the armed attack launched in the past days by the Ukrainian government against the people in Donbas, after it had previously been equipped by the USA and NATO. These dangerous developments are a consequence of the tragic situation for the peoples that was formed after the overthrow of socialism and the dissolution of the Soviet Union.


In his address, Putin sought to justify his current stance with a crescendo of anti-communism and an attack against the Bolsheviks, Lenin, and the Soviet Union. However, nothing can tarnish the contribution of socialism in the Soviet Union, which was a multinational union of equal states, or conceal the sufferings caused by the capitalist restoration, in which Putin played his own part. In practice, this attack is used as a cover for the dangerous strategic plans of the Russian leadership in the region.


The ‘recognition’ of the so-called ‘People’s Republics’ in Donetsk and Luhansk by Russia cannot resolve the existing problems but reproduces the impasses of the capitalist mode of production leading to imperialist wars and class exploitation. In addition, it will further hinder the common struggle of the peoples against nationalist hatred fostered by the bourgeoisie and imperialist states for the promotion of their interests in the region.


The KKE opposes imperialist war and demands that an end be put to Greece’s involvement in the US–NATO–EU plans in Ukraine; the closure of US–NATO bases; that no Greek armed forces should be sent to Ukraine or other imperialist missions! It calls on the people to intensify the struggle for disengagement from imperialist unions, with the people masters in their land.


At the same time, the KKE expresses its solidarity with the communists and the peoples of Russia and Ukraine. It calls on them to strengthen the struggle against nationalism and chauvinism, to struggle to prevent millions of workers from being trapped in an ethnic conflict that conceals the real causes of the conflict. To strengthen their struggle for the only alternative that exists for workers and can be found on another path of development, i.e. socialism.”