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Comment of the newspaper "Rizospastis" , Organ of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece

Regarding the meeting of China Ambassador Zhang Qiyue, with a delegation of the criminal Nazi organization "Golden Dawn"

On December 8th, 2018 KKE's newspaper - "Rizospastis" - published the following comment:

"For the second time within one year ( the previous time was on December 15th, 2017 ) China's Embassy in Athens has invited a delegation of the criminal Nazi organization "Golden Dawn" to an event. A related statement was uploaded on the "Golden Dawn" website, stating that a delegation of theirs "attended an event with the subject of proposals for the further development of relations between the two countries which took place at the residence of Chinese ambassador Zhang Qiyue."

In this way, the embassy of China whitewashes the Nazi, criminal organization "Golden Dawn", that is responsible for racist and other attacks, murders of immigrants and of the activist Pavlos Fyssas.

This stance is in sharp contrast to the sentiments of the Greek people, who fought for the defeat of fascism in our country and who today stand against the Nazi "Golden Dawn".