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Early parliamentary elections of July 7th, 2019


After its electoral defeat at the recent European elections, the SYRIZA government announced early parliamentary elections for July7th.

The KKE calls on the people to decide who to vote for on these elections based on what they really need for the next day. The KKE is the party,whichstruggles not only to get back everything we lost in the years of the capitalist crisis, but also for everyone to have a job thatwill be able to offerthem alife,in which their needs are being met,a life withcontemporary rights. It struggles for the organization of the society and the economy, where the worker will not be a victimof exploitation but will have a decisive and dominant role in the organization of production, in the distribution of wealth, in order to improvethe quality of life for everyone.

There is another sure way for the working class, for our people!The society can live without the capitalists,it canset the production and theservices in motionwith other social relations, i.e. socialism.

This is the plan of the KKE that can be put intoaction. The changes that the working class, the small and mediumfarmers and agricultural workers, the self-employed and the scientists need, will come from below. Through strong organization and struggle everywhere.Through the construction of their Social Alliance.Together with the KKE, regardlessof individualdisagreements.The Labour and Peoples’ Movement must and canorganize its counter-attack, both in Greece and throughout Europe: To overthrow the dominationof capital in each country, for social ownership and central planning with the  participation of thepopular strata in the governing bodies and authorities, for the disengagement from imperialist alliances such as the EU and NATO.

The elections will not overthrow the rotten exploitative system. But they can strengthen the peoples’ movement today by putting a brake on the worst that is comingand by paving the way towardsthe overthrow. Today's barbarity is not a one-way road.

For the people, there is one real elections dilemma: If the next day the KKE, which is the force that struggles for rights, inside and outside of the Parliament, which opens the road for theradical overthrow,will be strengthened. The party that fights against conservative politics, with any anti-popular government, either a majorityor a coalition one.

All other parties, such as SYRIZA, ND, KINAL etc.bow to the "market economy", they create false dilemmas andextortions, they makepromises which will never be kept,they have different variations of the same anti-popular - reactionary "plan". The following bullets are part of their governmental programmes and are being applied more specifically, according to their needs:

  • The implementing laws of the three memoranda that they voted and applied.
  • The permanent memoranda and the EU monitoring mechanisms.
  • The surpluses until 2060.
  • The demands of the bigcapital, which are presented as"reforms".
  • The dangerous commitments with the country's participation in NATO-EU.

SYRIZA, ND, KINALshare the same plan, saying that the solution, the way out for the people will come through the notorious recovery of the capitalist economy.

This recovery requires and demands: biggerflexibilityin labour, work into old age, further commercialization of Health, Education and Welfare, auctions of people’s houses, “dead silence”at the workplaces, new privileges for the capital, such as dozens of tax breaks for the shipowners and the big capital, everything that these parties have together voted for.

You saw how the political system utilizes the single-use parties. Once they play the role of the support, the bulwark and the safety valve, they fadeout or return to their womb.

This is what happened with parties such asPotami, EnosiKentroon, ANEL, formerly DIMAR and LAOS. New parties emerge once again, such asVelopoulos'far-right party “Greek Solution”, which is preparing to play the role of an allegedly "serious Golden Dawn" in the political system. For its part, the party "MeRA25" of the former minister of SYRIZA, Varoufakis, wants to play, like other parties in the past, the role of the bulwark in radicalism, the so-called "realistic overthrow" within the EU and the Euro, which was testedduring the first six months of SYRIZA's government and was a complete failure, while today declares to be available again for co-operation with ND and SYRIZA.

They are deeply systemic parties,which provesthat their promotion by the mass media of the big capitalists is not accidental at all.

The KKE struggles to isolate the Nazi,criminal Golden Dawn. The goal forthe isolation of Golden Dawn from wider popular strata must continue even further ahead of the national elections. The Greek people and the youth must throw the Nazi murderous mob out of the Parliament. And this struggle for the isolation of the Nazis can only be reachedwith a much stronger KKE. Because only the KKE fightsthe cause that generates fascism.

No other party, apart from the KKE, can organize and promote the struggle and the demands of the people, not only in the Parliamentbutespecially out of it, in the streets of the struggle, which is whereeverything is being determinedafter all.

The KKE:

  • Fought against anti-popular governments having as a core either ND or SYRIZA, organized and supported the struggles and the demands of employees in factories, insectors such as tourism, transport and construction, at schools, at hospitals. It supported the struggles and the demands of farmers, of pupils and students, of people with disabilities.
  • It is the real opponent of the currentstrategyof the monopolies, of the EU andNATO, thatis being followed bythe other parties, regardless of theirindividual differences. That is why it is the party that informs the people and opposes the dangerous plans of NATO,USA and the EU, inwhich our country is involved, with the agreement of the other parties.
  • It is the Party that stands and will stand by the unemployed, the redundant workers, the toiling people, the self-employed, the scientists, the farmers, the youth, the retired, those who are under the threat of seizures and auctions.
  • It is the real, militant, popular opposition everywhere. It makes proposals for the true relief of the workers, the unemployed, the self-employed, the farmers, the youth, the women and the retired.

We will continue to do so with the power of the Labour-Peoples’ Movement, the Social Alliance. We will demand:

  • Increases in wages, pensions, free upgraded social benefits for all.
  • Restoration of the Collective Bargaining Agreements, increase of the minimum wage to 751€.
  • Permanent and stable employment with rights, abolition of flexible working relations, hygiene and safety conditions at the workplaces.
  • Recruitment of permanent staff in the structures of public health, education, local government agencies, generally in social services and organizations.
  • Conversion of fixed-term contracts into permanent in the public and wider public sector.
  • Abolition of all laws that facilitate redundancies, abolish Sunday holidays, expandworking hours.
  • Public universalcompulsory social security, no uninsured employee. Bring back the 13th and 14th pension. Retirement at the age of 60 for men, at the age of 55 for women.
  • Abolition of ENFIA and other anti-popular taxes.
  • Freezing of debts for the entire period of unemployment. Prohibition of primary home auctions for debts up to 200,000 euros.
  • Unemployment benefit for all unemployed people in the amount of 80% of the basic salary.
  • Nursery schools for all children. Abolitionof nursery costs.
  • Re-inclusion of self-employed, craftsmen, traders to the tax-free limit. Abolition of their heavy taxation.
  • Reduction of the cost of agricultural and livestock production. Minimum guaranteed prices. Protection of production againstany disaster and full compensation to farmers and stock-farmers.
  • Increased spending on welfare, benefits and disability pensions. Employment for all disabled workers who are capable ofworking.
  • Complete and free therapies, medicines, health examinations and technology aids for all long-term disabled patients.
  • Public and free structures for the diagnosis, education and rehabilitation of children with disabilities and learning difficulties.
  • Especially for women: Childbirth allowance of 1,000€, maternity leave for all employees with full salaryand insurance, regardless of the employment relationships. Maternity leave allowance for self-employed women and women farmers.
  • Exclusively free public care and education for all pre-school children. Free children's camp network.
  • Measures and creation of the necessary infrastructure for anti-earthquake protection, flood protection and fire protection in all areas of the country, etc.

We can face the next day with optimism,if we have a consistent, militant and uncompromisingforce in the Parliament and the popular movement.

Now, everyone in the struggleto strengthen the KKE.This is the only winning vote at the elections of July7th!