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Central pre-election rally of the KKE in Athens

Strength and hope for the people, a powerful KKE everywhere

A message of optimism for a decisive strengthening of the KKE in the 3 ballot boxes of the May 26th elections was sent by the thousands of working people, self-employed, and youth that participated in the mass central election-rally of the Party on 22/5 in Syntagma Square in the center of Athens, across from the Greek Parliament.

Dimitris Koutsoumpas, GS of the CC of the KKE spoke at the rally, while greetings were  made by Marco Rizzo, GS of the CC of the CP (Italy), members of the PB of the CC of the KKE: Nikos Sophianos, mayoral candidate of Athens and Giannis Protoulis, candidate for regional governor of Attica; and by European Parliament candidates Kostas Papadakis, Lefteris Nikolaou, Semina Digeni.

The GS of the CC of the KKE castigated the anti-people and anti-labor policies of the SYRIZA government, the sharp reduction in social gains, the heavy tax burden, the cuts in social spending, privileges for big capital, the attack against the right to strike, the active participation of the country in the designs of the imperialist organizations of NATO, the EU and the USA.

D. Koutsoumpas condemned the policies of the other bourgeois parties, ND, KINAL that serve the same class interests as SYRIZA, while it called upon the youth to support KKE  so we can knock the fascist “Golden Dawn” out of third place.

The GS of the CC of the KKE, speaking onthe political proposal of the KKE, stated among other things:

“Within Greece and everywhere, there exist two homelands that are in an ongoing conflict between themselves. On the one hand, there is the homeland of the working class, the Greek people, who with their labor creates whatever we have today in this land. On the other, there is the homeland of a handful of exploiter – parasites, who without offering anything, line their pockets with all the wealth, who when it benefits them, take their enterprises and move them to other “homelands” or raise foreign flags on their ships, because this is what benefits their profit-making. These are the “homelands” that the policies of SYRIZA-ND and the other parties nurture.

Greece and Europe of the people, of solidarity and cooperation can only be a Greece and Europe of socialism. Free from the shackles of the imperialist alliances NATO and the EU, with the people of every country holding power and the wealth they produce in their hands. For this reason, the Greece of the many cannot become a reality with any anti-people government, whatever it calls itself, from wherever its members come from.

A Greece of the many can become real only through the struggle of the many, of the working people, the farmers, the professionals; their alliance will destroy capital and its power. In order for this prospect to be strengthened today, for the worker's and popular opposition against anti-people governments and their supporters to rally forces in the daily conflict with the anti-popular governments and capital, our people need a much more powerful KKE everywhere (...)

Join with us, take your place next to the KKE. The KKE has a plan for today and for tomorrow. It lights the way with its revolutionary Program for a different organization of society and the economy, with the people in power, the real owner of the wealth that it produces. This is what's progressive and contemporary today. The “Greece of the many” is the Greece of socialism!

We march on with our right, with our strength, with our heart. With the KKE!