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Strengthen the fight for the abolition of all anti-social security laws, for public, universal, mandatory Social Security

The ND government’s anti-social security bill was voted in on Thursday 27/2/20 by roll-call vote, with 158 votes in favor, and 128 against, at the demand of capital and based on EU guidelines. It fortifies the previous SYRIZA law and all the anti-social security laws of the previous anti-popular governments and lays the groundwork for the further privatization of Social Security

Demanding that the antipopular law be repealed, thousands of workers and people marched in Athens, Thessaloniki and many other cities across the country yesterday afternoon against the new anti-social security bill at the very moment it was being voted upon in the Parliament Plenary Session.

With mobilizations organized by Sector Federations, Workers' Centers and Trade Unions, the successful strike of 18 February was followed up by a clear message that facing the anti-social security attack, workers and the people will strengthen their struggle for public, universal, mandatory Social Security, for contemporary Social Security rights, pension increases, free Health and medical care for all.


Speaking from the Parliament podium, the General Secretary of the CC of the KKE, D. Koutsoumpas, emphasized, among other things, that “for the KKE, the problem of Social Security is a class issue, a political issue, as it has become crystal clear what the limits of this rotten system are, a system that in no way can meet people’s contemporary needs.

The basis of the issue of Social Security, as well as the issue of wages, work time and labor relations, is not a technical one, but a socio-economic one and for this reason it cannot be resolved within this system.

It does not depend, that is, on a social democratic or neoliberal form of management or recipe, or a combination of them, but requires central planning, that is, an economy that, contrary to the interests of business groups, will only meet the expanding needs of people today.

Of course, this does not mean that we are postponing the resolution of these problems for the far-off future.

The labor movement, the pension organizations are fighting today, the KKE is fighting today, to abolish all these anti-social security laws that we have been highlighting throughout the entire debate and that I have mentioned to you here today.


Demonstration 27Feb2020

This struggle today and the daily struggles are part of the KKE's overall proposition for a different path of development and development of Greek society, based on the perception that the working people are the protagonists and the producers of wealth."

Referring to the key points of the Party's proposal for Social Security, he stressed: "The KKE is fighting for public, universal, mandatory Social Security, for the building of a unitary system, including pension rights, health prevention and rehabilitation services, Social Welfare Benefits and Services ”, calling on the Greek people to adopt the proposals of the KKE, for these to form the basis of their struggle.