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The KKE condemns the US – inspired coup in Bolivia

  • Strengthen internationalist solidarity with the people of Bolivia and the other peoples of Latin America
  • The people have the power, through their struggles, to thwart the plans of the imperialists, the domestic oligarchy and their source – the capitalist path of development

The KKE condemns the coup in Bolivia and the overthrow of the elected President of the country, Evo Morales, that was organized by a section of the local oligarchy, with the intervention of American Imperialism in cooperation with the Organization of American States which is fulfilling its role as ‘policeman’ in the region, and the blatant use of the Army and the Police.

The KKE condemns the arrests and the persecution of the popular forces that resisted the coup, the vandalism of the Embassy of Venezuela and the anti-Cuban hysteria.

The KKE expresses its solidarity with the people of Bolivia and reiterates that the developments in Bolivia, Venezuela, Chile, and the other countries of Latin America are a matter for their peoples, the struggle of the labor – popular movements, the trade unions and other people’s organizations, who have the right to claim and impose their rights. To chart their own course against imperialist interventions and capitalist exploitation, which is the source of the worsening of the problems people are facing, the ‘womb’ of poverty, of unemployment, of wars among others, and the suppression of the will of the people, with military coups.