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The KKE delegation in the EU Parliament condemns the awarding of the Sakharov Prize to the reactionary opposition in Venezuela

The KKE delegation in the European Parliament condemns the provocative act of the European Parliament to award what is known as the Sakharov Prize to the reactionary opposition in Venezuela whose anti-government protests express sections of capital that have powerful relations with the US and the EU, in this way promoting imperialist designs in this country and the wider region.

The "prize", which is recognized and praised by all shades of the bourgeois political spectrum – the European People's Party, the Social Democrats, the Liberals, the Greens and GUE - New Democracy, SYRIZA, PASOK, Potami - has proven to be an enduring tool for open imperialist intervention by the EU. Among those who have been "honored" with the award are... prominent anticommunists, persons and organizations... distinguished for their undermining actions against the peoples, for their multipurpose interconnections with business groups, imperialist centers and their security services, especially those of the US, the EU and the bourgeois governments of its member-states.

This year's "award" choice marks the EU's pursuit to strengthen the position of the monopoly groups that serve the broader region of Central and South America. The European Parliament, as it had done before with respective actions involving Libya, Ukraine, Syria, etc., is systematically paving the way for imperialist military interventions by the EU, alongside its allies, the US and NATO.

The KKE does not recognize or legitimize this interstate union of capital and its organizations to proclaim themselves as supposed guardians of popular freedoms, as those who ‘honor’ the reactionary mechanisms of capital, and as institutions that enforce "democratic values". Our Party has established a timely and well-documented position on the developments in Venezuela and has spoken out about the acute problems generated by the capitalist path of development against the working class and the popular strata.

The KKE has consistently condemned every foreign imperialist intervention. It stands in solidarity with the people of Venezuela and supports their inalienable right to choose their own path of development, against every kind of anti-people policy, in order to be liberated from the yoke of capitalist exploitation, through their organized struggle, taking power and the wealth they produce into their own hands.