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The KKE denounces the imperialist intervention EU-USA-NATO in Ukraine

The member of the CC and MEP of the KKE, Giorgos Toussas, denounced the open imperialist intervention of EU-USA-NATO in Ukraine in his speech (10/3/2014) in the full session of the EU Parliament in Strasbourg in relation to the developments in Ukraine.


He underlined the following:


“ The KKE denounces the activity of the Nazi-fascist forces, the anti-communist campaign which is escalating with the aim of banning the CP of Ukraine and the communist ideology., the acts of vandalism against monuments of Lenin and other antifascist soviet monuments, which are occurring in Ukraine.


The emergence of reactionary fascist forces to the government of Ukraine, with the support of the EU and USA, such as the “right Section” and the “Svoboda” party, ideological descendants of the Nazis, are being used to promote the geopolitical goals of the EU monopolies in Eurasia.


The KKE demands the immediate cessation of every attempt to ban the CP of Ukraine and the communist ideology.


The KKE denounces the open imperialist intervention of the EU-USA-NATO in Ukraine, in the middle of the fierce confrontation with capitalist Russia over the control of markets, energy and its transport routes, which are pregnant with increased dangers of a military conflagration with tragic consequences for the peoples of the region.


The working people of Ukraine must organize their own independent struggle, with their interests as the criterion and not which imperialist is chosen by the one or other section of the Ukrainian bourgeois class. They must chart their course for socialism, which is the only alternative solution to the impasses of the capitalist development path.”