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The US-NATO stance is provocative; The Greek government stance on the Ukraine crisis aims to blind the people to the facts

Statement of the International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE 

In recent days, and despite the Minsk Treaty, the USA and NATO have continued their involvement in the Ukrainian crisis, threatening the peoples of the region with a further ignition of the conflict and bloodshed. Specifically: 

- 300 US military personnel have arrived in the Lviv region in Ukraine and have started the training of local troops. In this way, the USA is making its military presence in the Ukraine, for which it has already approved 19 million dollars, more intense. 


- A major NATO sea force is amassing in the Black Sea, with the participation of American, Canadian, German, Italian, Turkish, Bulgarian and Romanian ships. This is a very worrisome and provocative move. 

- There is a strategic, multi-level NATO training exercise under way, with a focus on "crisis management", the scenario of which points to the conflicts between Russia and Ukraine or Russia and Georgia, with its naval dimension spreading over the Black Sea. It should be noted that this training exercise in the decision-making centers is taking place while processes for the further reinforcement of the NATO Response Force are under way, increasing this force from the 13,000 combatants it numbers today to 30,000. 

At the same time that NATO keeps making its stance in the region more intense and provocative, the Greek government is trying to reassure and deceive the workers with statements about its "multidimensional policy", when at the same time it is actively participating in NATO’s aggressive plans and pledges faith to the NATO obligations.


No complacency! No illusions!


Let us strengthen the struggle against Greek involvement in imperialist plans and imperialist war! Rupture with and disengagement from the predatory alliances!



Athens 6/3/2015