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The USA and Israel are fanning the flames

The KKE denounces the decision of the President of the USA, Trump, to recognize the occupied Syrian Golan Heights as Israel territory, with the "security of Israel" as the pretext.
In its statement the Press Office of the CC of the KKE makes the following reference:
«This act comes at a time when the long suffering Syrian people  are  experiencing not only Israeli, but also Turkish and US occupation of their country's territory, which foments serious dangers for the territorial sovereignty of Syria and the future of the country's people.
This is not the first time that the US imperialists recognize the occupied territories as part of Israel, which is its closest and most useful ally in the division of the loot of the energy resources and pipelines. And this is because about a year ago (May 2018), the USA proceeded to open its new embassy in Jerusalem, recognizing it as the "capital" of Israel, emboldening Israeli aggressiveness against the other peoples. 
The SYRIZA government, which consorts with the American imperialists and the Israeli state , which murders the Palestinian people, with the toleration of the other bourgeois parties, fills the country with the US bases of death and actively participates in the imperialist plans of NATO and the EU."