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The anti-people government of SYRIZA-ANEL sends the riot police to defend its policy

The anti-people government of the so-called “left” SYRIZA party and of the phony “patriotic” ANEL party decided to throw the police forces and the riot police in the battle to defend its anti-people policy.

Students and workers of the university dormitories found themselves confronted with riot police during their protest on the 29th of November in the Ministry of Education. The government responded with batons and teargas to the students that since a month ago have been left without access to food services, to workers that have been fired by the contractors of the university dormitories. “We will not give in to their attempt to terrorize us!” declared the Executive Secretariat of the Students’ Militant Front (MAS), condemning once again the unacceptable attack of the police forces, noting: “Once again it is demonstrated that the SYRIZA-ANEL government is ruthless in the total application of the policy that crushes us and our families. It deprives even a dish of food to university students staying in the dormitories when, at the same time that the new state budget will give nothing for our needs, sells it all out to the big capital with the cheap fairytale of ‘fair development’”.




 At the same time, with the repression forces deployed inside and outside of the civil courts, the government “vouched” for the reenactment of the auctions of the belongings of the people that owe to banks and the state. Under the slogan “People, forward, rise up, hands off the people’s property”, trade-unions and People’s Committees, heeding the call of the Attika Secretariat of the All-workers Militant Front (PAME), organized protests yesterday afternoon, in various civil courts of Attika, against the restart of the auctions, continuing their struggle against the foreclosure and eviction of the houses of the poor working-class’ and popular families. Powerful police forces used unnecessary violence  and teargas in the closed space of a civil court, at the expense of the workers protesting against the stealing of the hard-work created property of the people.


At the same day, the police stroke again - this time in the city of Ioannina-, detaining 12 workers, the president of the Labor Center of the city among them, that were in the picket line of the strike in the “Market In” company. The strike was proclaimed by the Labor Center of Ioannina, in support of the just struggle of the workers in “Karypidis” company, the commercial stores of which were in practice sold out to the “Market In” commercial chain, effectively laying off all the workers of the stores. The workers of “Karypidis” stores demand their unpaid salaries and their reemployment by “Market In”.



The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) with press releases denounced the above mentioned authoritarian actions of the government, aiming at the repression of the working class struggles developed in favor of the solution to the problems of the working class and of the rest of the popular strata.

Note that a general national strike has been proclaimed for the 14th of December against the intention of the government to abolish the right of the trade-unions to convoke strikes._