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The day after the elections the KKE will be at the forefront of the struggles

Extracts from the interview of Dimitris Koutsoumpas with the newspaper “To Vima”


The GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, was interviewed by the newspaper “To Vima” (10/1/2015)


- You said that the KKE is the only guarantee for the people. The majority of the people, though, believe that the only guarantee is the Euro…


-- All these years our people have been inundated with the slogans about sacrifices, “national aims” regarding  the EMU, the euro, and the EU where the streets would be paved with gold. All these things have caused the hardship that our people experience today: unemployment, poverty, destitution. When the people respond to the opinion polls that they regard the euro as a guarantee they are mainly thinking of their savings that might be at risk, or a sudden disaster.  Of course you have noticed that the KKE does not demand an exit from the euro, the currency, in an adventurist and abstract way. The exit from the EU and the euro will be hazardous, a blind alley unless it is combined with a concrete plan, a programme for the  economy and society, with a new organization of society, i.e. a socialist society with the socialization of the concentrated means of production, unilateral cancelation of the debt, working class and people’s power. The KKE is the guarantee for all this. It can also guarantee that it will never let the people be isolated. It will support the struggle for the people’s rights, for an exit from the crisis in favour of the people.

-- You recently stated that the parties intimidate the population invoking the danger of ungovernability. Is this danger real?

-- In our opinion, the people should not be afraid of this. The reason is that formation of a government is objectively possible. There are parties that share basic strategic guidelines, despite their differences. For instance they agree that the country should remain in the EU and the Eurozone, they support the capitalist path of development. They agree on the need to negotiate the debt, even if on the basis of different formulas and versions. They all recognize the debt as something that must be paid for by the people. This is the objective basis for their cooperation. Strangely enough they do not admit it in the election campaign! In our opinion this can be explained. Their aim is to seize the people’s votes. Their quarrel is based on their real though secondary differences in order to conceal from the people their strategic convergence.   

-- Are you also claiming that ND and SYRIZA conceal from the people that the negotiations that they will carry out will be in favour of the monopolies? Are you claiming that the Greek economy can survive without a negotiation regarding the debt?

-- Yes because Greece is not a poor relation. It has a sizeable and skilled labour force, scientists, considerable and unutilized energy resources, mineral resources and general production potential. These possibilities are imprisoned in the current path of development which is marked by the drive for profit and the commitments towards the EU e.g. the quotas on domestic production of meat, milk and sugar. At the same time, the people’s power in Greece could utilize the contradictions between the powerful imperialist centres in the wider region and form mutually beneficial international agreements, for example regarding oil imports and extraction. And this is possible if the people stand up and take the power into their hands.

  --The KKE has already stated that after the elections it will not support any party that will attempt to form a government.  What about a government of the left? Would it give a vote of tolerance?

-- Tolerance implies that you distance yourself, you endure and wait. But the KKE and the people must be in the struggle. Unless you refer to the - hypothetical-  scenario where a government or a party tables a good, positive law which is in the interest of the people. In that case we will vote in favour of this law, as we did in the past. Besides we have elaborated draft laws regarding the unemployed, the self-employed, the farmers, taxation etc.

-- Yes but the people are voting for a government

-- They are also voting for the opposition which must fight decisively against governments that will follow the same anti-people policies, as the people can see for themselves. Of course the KKE is not indifferent to the question of governance. It clearly states that it will be present in a government where the people will have the power in their hands, a government that will immediately socialize wealth and at the same time disengage from the EU and NATO that impede a pro-people path of development and endanger the sovereign rights of the people and the country. A government that will immediately abolish memoranda, the related legislation and cancel the debt unilaterally. As you understand, this is a radically different political line, a radically different society and economy. These elections can lead to a coalition government that will comprise of parties that follow the same strategic line. The people must not give a vote of tolerance and of course the KKE won’t do so.