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The peoples have not said their last word. Struggle until the final overthrow, to live in peace, free from wars for the capitalists’ profits

The camp of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) was successfully held again for the 33rd year. Thousands of young people from all over Greece travelled to Chalkidiki, where this year the Anti-imperialist Camp was held, participating in the multifaceted political and cultural activities organized by KNE. One of the highlights was the demonstration of thousands of young people in Thessaloniki, outside the NATO headquarters, and the large rally, at which the General Secretary of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumbas, spoke.

Under the slogan “No to the wars of the imperialists, hope lies in the struggle of the peoples” the youth from all over the country demanded the disengagement of Greece from imperialist wars.

The theme of this year’s Anti-imperialist Camp was the 25th anniversary of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia and the action of the pro-peace anti-imperialist movement in Greece, led at that timeby the KKE.

Referring to those events, D. Koutsoumbas addressed the rally in Thessaloniki. “Yugoslavia was not chosen at random. It was at the centre of the Balkans, in the heart of a region standing at the crossroads of two world wars. The fragmentation of this country and its gradual NATOization was a prerequisite for the US-NATO plans to advance in the region and for a halt to the plans of their competitors.


The fight of the people of Yugoslavia 20 years ago, which was unequal at that time, was not in vain. It contributed to the awakening of the popular forces that had been lulled to sleep in the previous years with the alleged "peaceful settlement and growth" that "globalization" would bring after the dissolution of the USSR and the overthrow of the socialist camp in Europe.

It revealed the role of various supposedly "left", "socialist", and "green" parties in the EU and the USA, all the so-called "progressive” governments that actually waged this war.

We remember them all, one by one:

- The Democrats under President Clinton in the USA

- D'Alema in Italy

- The Social Democrats and Greens in Germany, who forgot about their environmental sensitivities and started dropping depleted uranium bombs.

- Jospin's Socialists, with the participation of the degenerated CP in France, namely all those forces which today participate in the notorious "New Popular Front" of France, which is supposed to block the way to the far right of Le Pen.

- At the time, the Socialists had as their MP and later minister the so-called "far left", as the right-wing calls him, Mr. Mélenchon.

- And, of course, here in Greece, the government of PASOK, which gave "land and water" to the imperialists!

This whole orchestra of warmongers was coordinated by the Spanish social democrat Javier Solana, then Secretary General of NATO.

It is good to remember all these things, all the more so now that processes are underway in social democracy with the aim of finding the scheme that will be able to take advantage of the popular discontent created by government policy, so that it can function as the new spare wheel of the system.

In this way, older people can remember and younger people can learn the reason why we talk about the sinful social democracy, even though some people may be offended.

In the ‘90s, dear friends, the governments of PASOK and ND, and later the government of SYRIZA, used the same argument:

That Greece has to take the risk and be present and active in the imperialist plans and wars, so that it would allegedly be in a position to demand ‘exchanges’, that is to say, a share of the ‘new markets’.

Today we are hearing the same arguments again. But the risk is only for the Greece of the people and profitable exchanges are only for the Greece of shipowners, industrialists and bankers!

This is why the government has become a torchbearer for NATO in the region, following in the footsteps of SYRIZA.

Now that the clouds of war are gathering, the need for vigilance and readiness on behalf of the people to act as a decisive factor in developments is all the more urgent.

But this can only be done with a much stronger KKE everywhere. “