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The prosecutor's proposal on Golden Dawn trial deeply offends popular sentiment

Commenting the prosecutor's proposal on the Golden Dawn trial, the Press Office of the KKE highlights the following:


"The prosecutor's proposal on the trial of this Nazi-criminal organization to acquit the leadership and its cadres of the serious crimes they are accused of, deeply offends the popular sentiment, as well as the dozens of victims of the Golden Dawn.

It is outrageous that this particular prosecutor, in stark contrast to the overwhelming evidence that emerged through the lengthy trial process, not only adopted the arguments of the Golden Dawn but also endorsed them.

The workers and the youth must intensify their vigilance and struggle for the isolation of fascists everywhere and their punishment for the heinous crimes they have committed. "


The prosecutor's proposal consists a provocative whitewashing of Golden Dawn's criminal action


As pointed out by the News Portal of the KKE (, prosecutor Adamantia Economou on 18/12/19 proceeded to a provocative proposal on the Golden Dawn trial, which in essence consists a protective shield of this Nazi-criminal organization. After eight hours of speaking, she concluded that the 65 accused - 18 Nazi ex-Golden Dawn MPs and 47 members - should be acquitted.

Specifically, on the accusation of joining and directing the Nazi organization, she called for the discharge of the Golden Dawn leadership and its cadres and not only adopted but also endorsed the arguments of the Nazi organization. First of all, she did not accept that there was central planning for criminal acts and in essence accepted that the leadership did not know anything and did not give any order, that there was no planning and targeting of victims by the leadership! Basically, with her proposal, the prosecutor underscores the lack of motive for the crime.

During a television show, the head of the Golden Dawn, Michaloliakos, finally assumed after a long time the political responsibility for the murder of Pavlos Fissas. However, it is noteworthy that the prosecutor fully endorsed the interpretation of this act by the Golden Dawn cadres as assuming the political costs (!).

In her speech, she also cited a statement by the Nazi Golden Dawn cadre, Kassidaris, that "the Golden Dawn was also killed together with Fissas".

As for the Nazi symbols, the Nazi salutations, the statements about godlike Hitler and those who declared being "fascists, nazis, rippers" etc., she fully adopted what the head of the Golden Dawn stated about the secession of ideological extremist members from the organization in 1992. But, as she said, even if they were indeed Nazis, this fact is indifferent from a criminal-law point of view.

Moreover, she essentially disconnected the cases from the general planning of the criminal Nazi organization. According to the prosecutor and her suggestion, the murders of Pavlos Fissas and Shehzad Luqman, the attacks against the Communists and trade unionists of PAME, the centre "Antipnia" and the student in Paleo Faliro etc. were unrelated incidents!!! "There was no proof of any central planning against political opponents and immigrants. The Golden Dawn leadership has no responsibility, since it did not appear to have ordered or approved the actions that took place in advance", as she characteristically said, offending the public sentiment and the victims of the Golden Dawn attacks.

On the murder of Pavlos Fissas by the Nazis, her proposal was confined to the guilt of the Golden Dawn killer, Rupakias, without mentioning the motive of the murder and considering - without any proof - that he had no homicide intent from the start. She also stated that the shock troops did not know anything nor assisted him in the murder and that P. Fissas was not targeted.

On the attacks against the fishermen and against the PAME communists and trade unionists by the Nazis, she proposed converting the indictment from an attempted homicide to a lesser included offense (grievous bodily harm for the fishermen and actual bodily harm for the PAME trade unionists respectively) because, as she stated, there was not a homicidal intent.

On the attack of the Nazis against the “Antipnia” centre she characteristically said: "Even the phrase heard by the offender, "Greetings from the Golden Dawn" is not enough, as there is no mention of a specific name of a Golden Dawn MP."

On the felony of weapon charge against some of the cadres of the Nazi organization, including the head of the Nazi organization, N. Michaloliakos, she requested to be converted on a case-by-case basis into an offense equivalent to a misdemeanor, which, under some terms, has a statute of limitations.

It is noteworthy that the prosecutor's proposal did not come like a bolt from the blue. Throughout the trial of the Nazi criminal organization, both the content of her questions as well as her suggestions showed her intentions. She accepted the demands of the Golden Dawn members who often demanded the arrest of the witnesses, even Fissas' friends who were with him on the night of the murder, for committing perjury. It is characteristic that her questions pointed to the deconstruction of the indictment and the testimony of the witnesses._