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The storming of government buildings in Brazil by far-right rioters highlights the deep decay of capitalist societies

The Press Office of the CC of the KKE issued a statement on the storming of government buildings in Brazil by far-right rioters, which reads as follows:


“The planned storming of government buildings by far-right supporters of former Brazilian President Bolsonaro and their calls for a coup are directed against the interests of the Brazilian people, who should be the only ones determining the social and political developments in their country.

The repetition of the events that took place in the USA with the storming of the Capitol by Trump supporters, highlights the deep decay of modern capitalist societies and the sharpening of international competition that also lead to a further reactionary turn of the bourgeois state and its various mechanisms.

The KKE expresses its solidarity with the Brazilian people and stresses that the circumstances require the development of the independent workers’–people’s struggle based on the interests and needs of the peoples against all kinds of anti-popular policies and exploiters that feed such reactionary forces.”