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The two years of the SYRIZA government confirm that there can be no pro-people management of capitalism

At a major political-cultural event yesterday (25/1/2017) in Thessalonica for the 99th anniversary of the Party, the GS of the CC of the KKE, D.Koutsoumpas, spoke and stressed amongst other things:


  • The review SYRIZA is carrying out concerning its two years in government is a review about the management of poverty and unemployment. A management of the crisis of the system, with the goal of facilitating the recovery of capitalist profitability. It confirms that the growth of the profitability of the few is not compatible with the people's prosperity.
  • If one thing has been repeatedly confirmed, it is that any government which operates within the framework of the power of capital, the EU and NATO is a priori an anti-people government, whatever name it bears, and whatever its intentions may be. There can be no pro-people management of capitalism.
  • Today, all those who feel leftwing, who voted for SYRIZA in the previous elections can find their real place in the ranks of the labour-people's movement, which will have as its goal and direction the struggle against the monopolies, capitalism, against imperialist war, in alliance and cooperation with the KKE. So that we can all together strengthen the people's resistance and struggle, the social alliance against the monopolies and capitalism, in the struggle for socialism.
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