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The “wolf” of the monopolies and its leftwing “sheep’s clothing”

 Comment of the International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE on current issues

There is an attempt by the Greek government to combine the exposure of the criminal activity of the Nazi organization “Golden Dawn” in Greece with the theory of the “Two Extremes”, i.e. the unacceptable equation of communism with fascism.

Nevertheless, the expose which has been published by the newspaper ‘Rizospastis” has once again demonstrated that issue is not a narrowly Greek issue, but has European dimensions. The newspaper presented a public document that shows that European Union (EU) is providing great deal of money in order to equate communism and the socialist countries with the Nazi barbarity. The relevant programme of the EU is addressed to municipalities, universities and NGOs which are invited to organize events with a reward of 100,000 Euros for every corresponding “project”. The programme is called “European Memory” and those responsible for it mention when describing it: “The subsidized projects reflect the causes of the emergence of totalitarian regimes in modern European history (Nazism, fascism, Stalinism and totalitarian communist regimes).”

This is a vulgar and despicable attempt and is doubly provocative. First of all, because it seeks to equate the humanist theory of scientific socialism with the creation of the capitalist system, Nazism-fascism and its atrocities, poisoning the people’s consciousness. To equate the attempt to construct a society without the exploitation of man by man with the cruelest inhuman and criminal form of bourgeois management, which was created by the dictatorship of the monopolies, i.e. capitalism. To equate the monster of fascism with those who played the leading role and finally were able to crush it, i.e. the communist movement headed by the Soviet Union.

It is doubly provocative because this money is being given at the same time when they are telling the employees and the pensioners that they must cut their salaries and pensions because “there is no money”. This money is being given when they are saying to the ill person that he must pay for treatment, because “there is no money”. This money is being given when the state, in the name of “cuts”, “fiscal discipline in the framework of the EU”, hands over entire sectors of social services (Education, Health, Social Security, Electricity, Water etc) into the hands of the monopoly groups.

The expose of the newspaper “Rizospastis” demonstrated in reality two things: Firstly, what really annoys the bourgeois system, which by distorting the historical memory is striving to amputate radical militant attitudes and to cut off (in the middle of the crisis of the system and the imposition of savage anti-people measures in order for the monopolies to suffer no damage) the popular strata from the leading workers, those who are always in the frontline of the people’s struggles, the communists.  With the aim of keeping the people submissive so that nothing threatens their power.

The second thing that was demonstrated is that the EU also operates in the ideological field as an instrument to reinforce the power of the monopolies. As was stressed by 30 communist and workers’ parties from 27 countries in a new form of regional cooperation that was formed, the European communist “Initiative”, the EU “ is a choice of capital, it promotes measures to the benefit of the monopolies”.

In these conditions, the intention of the “European Left Party” (ELP), in which the opportunist parties of Europe participate, to support the candidacy of the head of the Greek party SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, for the Presidency of the Commission, i.e. the leadership of the EU, can only be considered to be a joke. A joke, not because the process for the choice of the President of the Commission is an endless procedure of backroom consultations and compromises amongst countries and EU parties, in order to balance the competition in the framework of the EU, but chiefly because with this aim the ELP is seeking to put “leftwing sheep’s clothing” on the “wolf” of the European monopolies, the EU, in the vain attempt which it has undertaken on the part of the capitalist system itself to “humanize” it.