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The working people shattered the government's fiesta

The government replied with repression, reaffirming that the policy that crushes the people for the growth of the capital goes hand in hand with repression

A combative, militant response was given yesterday (28.03) by the working people and the youth of Thessaloniki and the surrounding areas to the "developmental" fiesta organized by the government, along with the Local Administration and entrepreneurs, during which the PM A. Tsipras undertook new commitments towards business groups and the Euro-Atlantic projects in the Balkans. The big demonstration shattered the government's attempt to promote the story of "fair development" and persuade the people to continue sacrificing for the profits of the monopolies.

Reaffirming that this policy goes hand in hand with repression, the government responded to the demands of the people with riot police attacking the demonstration and using teargas. All these ensued when the demonstration headed by a banner reading"We bleeded for their crisis, they want us to pay also for their growth. Organization and counterattack is our choice " reached the police block and attempted to break it, aiming to march on and reach the conference area in order for the workers-peoples response to be expressed.





Demonstration Thessaloniki (28.03.2018)