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UKRAINE: A blacklist on the internet targets Greek communists

On 29/4/22, the newspaper “Rizospastis” - Organ of the Central Committee of the KKE revealed the unacceptable and dangerous targeting of Greek communists promoted by the Ukrainian state. The names and personal details of three Party cadres, MP and Vice-President of the Greek Parliament Giorgos Lambroulis, former MEP Sotiris Zarianopoulos, and KKE cadre Giorgos Maganas, are posted on a blacklist on the internet, which claims that it reveals information of “enemies of Ukraine” and collaborators of “terrorist organizations”, “mercenaries”, etc.!

In particular, the site publishes the personal data of thousands of people (name and surname, photograph, address, telephone number, and e-mail address!) who have been identified either by the Ukrainian state or by the administrators as “enemies of Ukraine”, collaborators of “terrorist organizations”, etc.

This website was officially developed under the “auspices” of ministries of the Ukrainian government, while it constitutes a database that is still being used today by the judicial and police authorities of Ukraineto prosecute individuals.

In fact, a few years ago, people on this list have fallen victim to murderous actions, while several complaints have been made about threats received by people who are included in the list ...

At the root of the matter lies the Ukrainian government itself, which has described the three Greek communists as personae non gratae because they had previously visited Ukraine to express their solidarity with the Ukrainian people and the persecuted communists there. According to the Presidential Decree of September 2015, they are among the 388 natural and 105 legal entities on which the Ukrainian government has imposed sanctions for alleged actions against Ukraine.

With this decision, the Ukrainian authorities accuse the KKE cadres of serious and unfounded accusations, such as —among other things — support of “terrorism” and actions against the “national interests and territorial integrity” of Ukraine!

It is worth noting that this is taking place in Ukraine, where the Communist Party has been outlawed, communists and other militants are being persecuted, and a recent example is the arbitrary arrest and imprisonment of the Secretary and other cadres of the Communist Youth of Ukraine. Moreover, recently the Ukrainian government outlawed an additional 11 opposition parties.

“RIZOSPASTIS” raises the following question to the Greek government: Is it aware of this blatant targeting of KKE cadres? What position does it take and what does it intend to do about it?