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Vulgar Anticommunism


It is well known that the EU has elevated anticommunism to the status of being its official policy and ideology, spearheaded by the vulgar anti-historical equation of communism with fascism-Nazism. The EU Parliament has its own discrete role in the promotion of the anti-communist vulgarity. Barely a day goes by (literally!) that an anti-communist event is not organized in Brussels, in Strasbourg and in other cities of EU member-states by the European parties-the political representatives of capital.

The Die Linke party of Germany (“the Left”), the sister party of SYRIZA, which together play a leading role in the European Left Party (ELP) that before the EU Parliamentary elections of May 2014 appointed the President of SYRIZA as its candidate for President of the Commission, was envious of these events. Three weeks ago this party, via its MEP H. Scholz (a member of the ELP’s Presidium), organized a meeting in the EU Parliament with the title: “I traveled to your country as a guest – German opponents of Hitler as victims of Stalinist terror: Family histories 1933-1956”, which distorts historical facts and the unquestionable contribution of the Soviet Union to the victory against fascism and to the gains of the working class.

As was demonstrated this meeting was a precursor of even a bigger anti-communist provocation. So, “Die Linke” organized on the 17th of December 2013 in Berlin, in its offices, in the Karl Liebnecht building, the unveiling of a “memorial plaque” for the “victims of Stalinism”, regurgitating the false claims, the bourgeois and opportunist ideological constructs, in a vulgar attempt to present German anti-Nazis as victims of the Soviet Workers’ state, an even more dirty version of the official political line of the EU, which equates communism with Nazism.

Irrefutable evidence of the connections of opportunism with the bourgeois political line, a blatant confession of their common aims is a recent article in the magazine of German capital “Der Spiegel”, which takes “Die Linke”, the opportunists, under its protection, and attacks the KKE, saying that: “The people of the KKE simply must decide for themselves whether they believe in the values of Europe.”

This yet another piece of evidence that demonstrates that the opportunists of “Die Linke” are seeking the congratulations of the bourgeois class regarding their participation in its anti-communist campaign, reproducing the theory of the “two extremes” in their own dirty way.

The “values of the EU”, that the parties of the ELP-“Die Linke”-SYRIZA etc serve – the defenders of capitalist exploitation, poverty and destitution- are painfully understood by the 27 million unemployed people in the EU, the 7.5 million young people that are outside of work and education, the 120 million workers who live under the poverty line. The peoples of Yugoslavia, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and today Mali and the Central African Republic paid and are paying with their blood for these values. The KKE from its foundation, history and struggle has demonstrated on whose side it is: It is the vanguard section of the working class which expresses the interests of the oppressed popular strata against capitalist barbarity. The opportunists all over the world, in all the member-states of the EU, whatever name they present themselves with, demonstrate on what side they are on and who they ally with. With the capitalists, their imperialist alliance, the European Union, whose “principles and values” they have made a commitment through their programme to defend, as all the European parties have done. Every day they are proving their credentials. Does there need to be a more obvious proof of this than the “Spiegel” article to confirm the call of the KKE? That the workers, the toiling people, the honest militants must turn their backs on opportunism and its parties. They should allow them to wallow in the swamp they have chosen, together with the exploiters and their political staff. Opportunism is the “Trojan Horse” of the bourgeois class in the labour movement, it poisons working class-popular consciousness with bourgeois ideology, anti-communism, all the bourgeois decay. A pre-condition for the victory of the people is to throw bourgeois and opportunist ideology into the dustbin of history.

The working people, equipped with their experience, can break the hand of capital and its political staff, which is being raised against the communists. Overturning the political correlation of forces against the parties of capital and their fellow-travellers, the opportunists. To strengthen and to work together with the KKE, for the regroupment and counterattack of the labour-people’s movement. Strengthening the anti-monopoly anti-capitalist struggle of the People’s Alliance for Workers’ People’s Power and Economy.

Giorgos Toussas

Member of the CC, MEP