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21st Congress of the KKE

The work of the Congress is continuing

On 25/6, the work of the Congress proceeded with the report of the outgoing CC to the 21st Congress presented by its GS, Dimitris Koutsoumbas. The work was held in the Conference Hall of the Headquarters of the CC of the KKE.

The Congress will be completed on Sunday 27 June with the election of the new CC and the new Central Audit Committee.


The topics of the Congress, based on the Party Statutes, are the following:

a) The report of work of the Central Committee and the Party as a whole from the 20th towards the 21st Congress, the basic assessments on the international and domestic economic and political developments of that period, the condition of the labour–people’s movement and the Party’s tasks up until the 22nd Congress.

b) The election of a new Central Committee and Central Audit Committee.


The Report of the CC of the KKE noted that the overwhelming majority of Party members voted in favour of the Theses of the KKE during the pre-congress procedures.

It also referred to the Party's goals for the next period and provided information about the social and age composition of the Party.

More specifically, it stated that the social composition of the Party was significantly improved among salaried employees and remains stable among the self-employed, scientists, and farmers. Salaried employees in the private and public sector account for 46.64%, presenting an increase of 5.03% in the past 4 years. 13.95% (+2%) of them work in industrial sectors, 31.26% (+1.9%) in the service sector, and 1.53% (+0,3%) in other sectors. 10.61% (+1.89%) work in the Public sector. The self-employed (small tradesmen and scientists) account for 10.75%, presenting a slight decrease of  0.35%. Farmers account for 4.55%, presenting a slight decrease of 0.45. The non-working persons account for 38.06% (-4.29) – pensioners account for 31.6% (-3.57%), students for 4.95% (-0.4%), and housewives for 1.33% (-0.4%).

Women account for 34%, presenting an increase of 2.4%.


The age composition of the Party

17% of Party members are 18–30 years old

21.2% of Party members are 31–40 years old

11.5% of Party members are 41–50 years old

15.9% of Party members are 51–60 years old

17.7% of Party members are 61–70 years old

16.6% of Party members are over 71 years old


In the meanwhile, 101 Communist and Workers' Parties across the world have sent Messages of Greetings to the 21st Congress of the KKE, expressing their wishes for the success of its work.

The original messages can be found here, while the messages translated in Greek are published in the news portal of the KKE – in the address