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Message of combative rally with the KKE and with KNE

On July 6th, 7thand 8th, 2018 near the city of Patras (in Alissos) the 27th Anti-imperialist 2-day Camp of KNE was held under the slogan: “Join us to the struggle against the system that bears poverty, wars, refugees!” Thousands of young men and women took part in the activities, from around Greece.

The central political act of the Camp was held on Friday, July 6th in Patras, having the GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumbas as the main speaker. The city was flooded by red banners and anti-imperialist slogans, that were interchanging with slogans honoring the KKE for the 100 years of its heroic struggle and KNE for the 50 years since its founding.


27th Anti-imperialist Camp of KNE - Rally

It was not by chance that Patras was chosen to host the Anti-imperialist Camp this year: Patras is very close to the air-base of Araxos, where last autumn works were being held and among others it was being prepared to host “special weapons”, that in the Air Force “lingo” means “nuclear weapons”. The KKE has denounced the plans to reinstall in Greece nuclear weapons, something that D. Koutsoumbas stressed again speaking in the rally, calling upon the SYRIZA-ANEL government to give responses regarding “If today there is or is not a discussion revolving around the place were the 50 US nuclear warheads that at the moment are in Incirlik will be moved, given the worsening of the relations between USA and Turkey”. The GS of the CC of the KKE denounced that on May 17th, Fred Fredrikson, head of NATO Nuclear Policy and solid supporter of the “first hit dogma”, along with other NATO staffers, visited the air base of Araxos to inspect the course of the implementation of the works. D. Koutsoumbas made reference to other military installations that the government of SYRIZA-ANEL is conceding to the USA ant to NATO in the margins of the so-called “geostrategic upgrading of the country”. He underscored that this new strategy of the SYRIZA-ANEL alliance government, that is supported by the rest of the bourgeois parties, “has nothing to do with upgrading the interests and the rights of the peoples. Has nothing to do with the peace, solidarity and friendship of the peoples. It has all to do with the geostrategic upgrading of the bourgeois class of Greece and consequently the upgrading of all the dangers and of bigger implications in imperialist wars, interventions and confrontations.”

D. Koutsoumbas made reference to issues of the internal political situation, criticizing the anti-labor and anti-people politics of the SYRIZA-ANEL government and of the EU. He invited the youth to draw conclusions and struggle for workers’ power, strengthening the solidarity and the common action of the peoples against the capitalists and their interstate alliances.

In the context of the 27th Anti-imperialist Camp of KNE musical concerts, sports activities, as well as debates for the 50 years of KNE and for the 100 years of the KKE were held, as well as a kids’ camp for the younger ages (from the age of 9 years). Representatives of communist youth organizations of the neighboring countries (Communist Youth Front of Italy, Communist Youth League of Yugoslavia and Communist Youth of Turkey) participated in the activities. 



27th Anti-imperialist Camp of KNE