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9th of May in Athens: Youth Rally

The 74th anniversary of the anti-fascist Victory of the peoples coincided this year with the period when the communists of Greece are intensifying their pre-election action all over the country facing the triple elections taking place on the 26th of May. Already tens of thousands of people have amassed at KKE pre-election rallies throughout Greece where they are informed about the KKE's positions, joining in the battle to spread the word.

On May 9th in Athens the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) held a huge youth rally where Dimitris Koutsoumpas, GS of the CC of the KKE spoke, with greetings from Lorenzo Lang, National Secretary of the CC of the Front of Communist Youth – Italy (FGC) and candidate for the European Parliament from the CP – Italy, and from the Secretary of the CC of the KNE and European Parliament candidate, N. Ambatielos, along with other youth candidates for the upcoming elections.

In the morning the GS of the CC of the KKE visited the site where communists had been imprisoned and executed by the fascist occupation forces, leaving flowers in tribute.



KNE rally - 9th May


In the evening at the rally, D. Koutsoumpas noted among other things: " May 9th has much to say to young people, especially to militant youth. It teaches them about yesterday but also about tomorrow! It is a day of Victory, the day of annihilation of the Nazi monster, that signed on those days in 1945 a treaty of unconditional surrender. Whatever the EU does, that memory cannot be erased. A great day, like all great days, has behind it the small stories of thousands of acts of heroism, selflessness, sacrifice, bravery and courage. Millions of dead, who fell for a just cause, battling for ideals and values, for freedom and the prosperity of the working people.

Stories which were written with the acts of communists, militant anti-fascists, rebels and simple folk in our country, Greece, in the Soviet Union, in the Balkans, in every corner of the planet that bled from the 2nd World imperialist War.

The heroes of the Red Army, of Stalingrad and the final offensive in Berlin, the Partisans and the national liberation movements in the countries of Europe whose heart and soul were the Communist Parties, the anti-fascists who were active within Nazi Germany, the soldiers of EAM-ELAS, of EPON and the contribution of the KKE in that titanic battle that was waged here in our country.

The people and the youth that chose to fight against an all-powerful enemy.

We remember them today and we honor them! Those who with their action made the epic of the Antifascist Victory of the Peoples real. Those who did not falter facing such a powerful opponent, who rose up and struggled and finally won, with the decisive contribution of the Soviet Union, the first workers' state in the history of humankind.

Imagine what would have happened if at that time the logic had prevailed that "the Nazis are invincible, it's not possible to take them on". The capitalist states of Europe gave Nazi Germany a breather in order to launch their assault against the USSR, long before the official start of operations and essentially entered the war to serve their own class aims when the war was at its end".

The GS of the CC of the KKE noted the responsibility of social democracy for the strengthening of the far-right – fascist forces, in the past and in our days: "If there is a common denominator, in all cases, it is the application by the social-democratic governments of hostile anti-popular policies that refuted popular expectations, heightened people's dissatisfaction, creating a court where such forces, fascist and far-right ones, can play ball."

D. Koutsoumpas expressed harsh criticism of SYRIZA that jointly governed with the far-right ANEL party and implements harsh anti-popular policies in Greece, assimilating the country in the designs of the imperialist organizations NATO and the EU. He added, "European Union means:

Anti-communism, prohibition of communist parties and symbols

Heroification of the Nazis

The so-called "theory of two extremes" which sometimes the social-democrats, sometimes the liberals, at other times the opportunists and other traitors of the class struggle throw around with ease.

D. Koutsoumpas noted that the answer to the far-right and fascism can be given by the youth with an even stronger KKE