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Agreements that pave the way to the abyss as part of the dangerous US-NATO-EU pursuits

"Today's agreements with Italy and Egypt on the delimitation of the maritime zones, which your government ratifies tonight, pave the way to the abyss, as they are part of the dangerous US-NATO-EU  pursuits throughout the region. Part of these pursuits is the joint exploitation of the sea zones of the East Mediterranean, the Aegean, and the imposition of a partition as a solution to the Cyprus issue".

The General Secretary of the Central Committee of the KKE, D. Koutsoumbas, noted the above on 26/08/20 at the beginning of his speech in the Parliament on the agreements with Italy and Egypt on the EEZ.

As he said, the German Foreign Minister who visited Athens on 25/08 was simply the messenger of bad news, since he conveyed nothing but painful compromise proposals for joint exploitation. "When we talk about co-exploitation and compromise, we mean co-exploitation between energy giants that at the same time compete with each other. This has nothing to do with the real interests of neighboring peoples. Unfortunately, this is exactly the case with the individual agreements with Italy and Egypt - with unacceptable compromises.", he added.

Commenting on the "historic agreements", D. Koutsoumbas noted that "they aim to hide that these agreements do not serve the popular interests" since "never and nowhere in the modern capitalist world, agreements between governments, i.e. between the bourgeoisie of the countries, served the popular interests because  in the world are the interests of the peoples identified with the interests of their exploiters. And certainly, the goal of a geo-strategic upgrade of the Greek ruling class, that is, of essentially upgrading its own interests, in an area where a great imperialist bargaining is in progress, is in no way identical with the upgrading of life, peace and of the friendship of peoples ".

"On the contrary", stated the General Secretary of the CC of the KKE, and underlined: "Today, the position that can express the popular interests is the one that does not support any change of borders, any change of international Treaties, any participation in the bargains for the co-management of the Aegean and the East Mediterranean.

Because the borders only change with wars and interventions that the workers and the people at  the end pay with their lives (...) So who can guarantee the borders of our country, its sovereign rights, its territorial integrity? Those who have applied and continue the logic of divide and rule around the world? Those who do not recognize borders between their member states, such as NATO, which considers the Aegean a single operational area? The NATO Secretary General, who states that the differences with Turkey must be resolved "in a spirit of allied solidarity"?".

The General Secretary of the CC of the KKE referred in detail to the agreements with Italy and Egypt, emphasizing that in reality they are studied but dangerous compromises of expediency, which are part of the general planning for the even bigger compromise that will follow with Turkey and added: “ At the same time that Turkey is talking about zero influence, with these agreements you are promoting in practice the reduced, even zero influence on some islands! The argument you are making, that we will supposedly avoid war if we proceed to a painful compromise with Turkey, that is the joint exploitation of the Aegean and the "plots" of Cyprus, is false and dangerous (...) Because here, in the wider region of Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean, which is a region rich in hydrocarbon deposits and mainly natural gas, strong countries such as the USA, France, Russia, Britain, Italy, Germany, and China, compete in order to get their hand on the wealth of this region (...) And these competitions lead to wars, as has been tragically proven in the past (...)

Our people must reject all blackmailing dilemmas and not accept any concession to sovereign rights. They must also think: In Greece, as in Turkey and other countries, the people must walk a path in which they will be in charge (...) The path that will lead the workers themselves, the workers of each country, to take power. Only in this way would the people find a way to resolve any differences that arose (...)

For all these reasons, the Parliamentary Group of the KKE, with a sense of responsibility, will vote NO to both of these agreements "._

Finally, on the night of August 26, the unacceptable agreements signed by the government of the conservative party of ND with those of Italy and Egypt on the delimitation of the EEZ were approved. This will further pave the way for the dangerous pursuits of the US-NATO - EU in the whole region and prepare the ground for arrangements to the detriment of the country's sovereign rights.

SYRIZA voted "present" in the agreement with Egypt and in favor of the agreement with Italy. The also social-democratic party KINAL / PASOK voted for both. The nationalist-racist party "Hellenic Solution" and the social-democratic MERA25 voted against them, making individual remarks without questioning the US-NATO-EU strategy and the capital.

Throughout the discussion, despite any objections and differences, there was a clear willingness of ND, SYRIZA, and other bourgeois parties to draw up a common "national strategy" to satisfy the interests of the bourgeoisie that wants to participate in the imperialist plans, claiming an upgraded position in the context of NATO's "stability" in the region. This approach was, among other things, targeted by KKE MPs. As Giorgos Marinos, member of the PB of the CC of the KKE and special spokesman of the KKE, pointed out: "The pillars of the so-called national strategy are the interests of the big economic groups, the participation in NATO and the EU, the relations with the USA. And you have all accepted that. Therefore, the debate on national strategy and unity aims to muddy the waters, seeking to make the people complicit and disarm them. "