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56. The KKE undertakes great tasks for the regroupment of the working class movement, for the formation of the social alliance. The Central Committee considers that along with the negative developments, there are also reserves in the movement, various points of resistance that we should help to be revealed and dynamically expressed. The responsibility of the Party, of all its members and cadres increases.

We struggle to create mass organizationsin the organized trade union movement; we are at the forefront of conflict with fatalism and fear, frustration and conservatism, all reactionary perceptions that are strengthening.

We are at the third decade of the 21st century. The hard work of the communists, the militants together with whom we struggle to achieve our goals, all our individual initiatives, shall show that no version of anti-peoples’ bourgeois management in Greece, in Europe and in the whole world can give an answer and solution to the main problem: Today, while there is a full potential to improve the standard of living for millions of workers in our country and around the world, the results are just the opposite.

The gap, between how employees can live today and how they eventually live is growing. Now, in the 21st century, the studied experience together with the objective development of societies can lead us to the new society, if the peoples aim at it, if we decide to show our real power. The people have not yet tested their strength, so there should be no disappointment concerning the effectiveness of the struggles: The preparation of forces for the workers' and people's counterattack is paramount.

Within the struggle for the satisfaction of the actual peoples’ needs, the struggle against the imperialist war and the participation of our country in the imperialist unions and plans, we can have a common pace with thousands of workers; we can cause cracks to the rotten exploitative system, to compromise and fatalism; we can build a great social alliance, not only to demand relief from the actual acute problems, but also to create the necessary preconditions for a radical overthrow, for socialism–communism.

Athens, 25.1.2021

The CC of the KKE