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52. The 21st Congress acquires a particular significance since it is taking place during a period when the new outbreak of the capitalist economic crisis is underway, some preconditions are formed for the upsurge of the movement, but there are also risks for an even major total setback.

Vigilance and readiness are needed for a period where the instability of the bourgeois political system and the intensification of contradictions within the Eurozone and the EU may coexist with the further sharpening of inter-imperialist competition and even the resorting to war between the bourgeoisies and various blocs of forces at a regional, European, and international level. The class opponent is getting prepared as well, stepping up the attack and strengthening the state repressive mechanisms and employer-led mechanisms against the labour–popular movement and the Party.

The current conditions require a planned, targeted, combined ideological–political and mass activity in new economic sectors that experience growth based on the structure of the Greek capitalist economy; among people of younger ages working under new employment relations; in the specialization of our work based on the characteristics and particularities of each sector; in the specialization in women and the youth.

The theoretical–ideological steeling of all the members of the leading organs and the Party Groups in mass movement organizations is a basic precondition to tackle fatigue, routine, and a perfunctory accomplishment of tasks. It is a prerequisite for the objective and clear prediction and mainly for the confrontation of the turning points in the social–economic–political developments, under conditions of a deteriorating correlation of forces to the detriment of the class struggle.

We cannot rule out the emergence of such conditions, neither of conditions of a sharp rise of the class struggle, for which we seem to be somewhat more prepared since they contain the element of uplift.

Consequently, the main issue is to ensure that the revolutionary theoretical ideological–political steeling is expressed and able to tackle problems in more complex conditions, where abrupt and unpredictable developments may coexist and the intervention of the labour movement may not be corresponding. Moreover, a possibility may exist for an even greater retreat of the labour movement, a difficulty in the renewal and expansion of Party and KNE forces, a fact already being expressed in some Regional Organizations.

The Central Committee, and especially the new CC, will be judged by all the above issues after the 21st Congress and its final Resolutions.


29 OF DECEMBER , 2020