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Enough is enough with deception! We must pave the way for the real prosperity and security of our people

With each passing day, the extent of the damage to homes and crops caused by the floods in the region of Thessaly in central Greece, which have so far claimed 15 lives, becomes clearer. The situation is a dramatic illustration of the complete lack of necessary infrastructure and integrated state planning for flood protection, the inadequate maintenance of existing infrastructure and, above all, the long-standing responsibility of the ND-SYRIZA-PASOK governments and regional and municipal authorities.

From the very first moment, the forces of the KKE have stood by the affected people of the region and have been at the forefront of the expression of solidarity, putting into practice the slogan “only the people can save the people”. The trade unions that rally in PAME and other organizations of the popular movement throughout the country are taking dozens of initiatives to express their solidarity, collecting food and basic necessities for the people of Thessaly. On Sunday 10/9, a delegation of trade unions from Athens went to the region to contribute to the repair of the damage. 

Mass protests have already taken place in Athens, while on Saturday 9/9 a large rally was held by the trade unions in Thessaloniki.

The GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumbas, made the following statement on the terrible disaster in Thessaly:

“Enough is enough with deception! The New Democracy government, the other ruling parties and the regional and municipal authorities bear a huge, criminal responsibility. They have put the bribes and profits of the few above the people’s lives and properties, above the protection of the environment.

It is a matter of urgency to rescue all the villagers trapped by the floods; to provide them with shelter, medication, health care services, food and water; to ensure the protection of all those affected. And, of course, there is an immediate need for fast-track procedures to repair the damage and compensate all these people.

Undoubtedly, radical changes are needed in the economy and the society, which can only be forced by the workers’–people’s movement, when the people themselves, with the KKE at the forefront, come to the fore, on the path of overthrowing the system, in order to save whatever can be saved and, above all, to pave the way for the real prosperity and security of our people”.