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European Communist Meeting 2014: Joint Statement of Communist and Workers Parties

The Communist and Workers’ parties of Europe, which met at the European Communist Meeting 2014, held in Brussels on the 2nd of October, examined the developments in Europe, international developments and exchanged views and experiences from their activity. 

Today, the workers and the other popular strata of Europe are coming face to face with the deadlock of the capitalist development path, such as unemployment which afflicts millions of workers and in particular strikes against young people and women. The flexible forms of employment are becoming widespread, collective labour agreements as well as social and social-security rights are being abolished, poverty is increasing. 

The inter-imperialist contradictions, the aggressiveness of the imperialist unions, above all of the EU and NATO, lead to new breeding grounds for wars, which break out in Africa, the Middle East and the wider region, as well as in Europe, as the developments in Ukraine demonstrate. Nationalist, racist, and even openly fascist forces are being strengthened, with the support of the bourgeois class, in many European countries. 

Our common assessment is that in these conditions the working class, the popular strata and youth must strengthen their mass struggle against the EU and NATO, against capitalism which gives rise to economic crises and war. 

Capitalism is a rotten exploitative system that cannot be repaired, it cannot provide solutions for the people’s problems, it has reached its historical limits. The struggle of the working class, the peoples, will become more effective to the extent that it is directed against it. Workers must decisively denounce imperialist wars, the policy of repression, anti-communism and the criminal activity of the fascist organizations. 

Our parties devote, and will devote, their energies in the future in order to reinforce the people’s struggle, to develop working class solidarity. They will continue the work of organizing the working class, in constructing the social, people’s alliance to render more effective the struggle for the overthrow of capitalist exploitation so that workers can enjoy the wealth they produce. 


Socialism is timely and necessary


Communist Party of Albania

Party of Labour of Austria

New Communist Party of Britain

Party of the Bulgarian Communists

Communist Party in Denmark

Communist Party of Denmark

The Pole of Communist Revival in France (PRCF)

Union of Revolutionary Communists of France

German Communist Party

Unified Communist Party of Georgia

Communist Party of Greece       

Hungarian Workers' Party

Workers' Party of Ireland

Communist Party, Italy

Socialist Party of Latvia

Socialist People's Front, Lithuania

Communist Party of Luxembourg

Communist Party of Norway

New Communist Party of the Netherlands

Communist Party of Poland

Romanian Communist Party

Communist Workers' Party of Russia

Communist Party of Soviet Union

Communist Party of the Russian Federation

New Communist Party of Yugoslavia

Communist Party of Peoples of Spain

Communist Party of Sweden

Communist Party, Turkey

Union of Communists of Ukraine


The statement is still open for signatures