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European elections in Greece: The current disputing the dominant policy needs to be expressed

On the 9th of June 2024, the ballot for the European Parliament will be held in Greece to elect the country’s 21 MEPs. The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and 30 other political parties are taking part in the elections. It should be recalled that in the previous European elections in 2019, the KKE received 5.35% and elected 2 MEPs.

KKE rallies are taking place all over Greece. Its cadres are visiting workplaces, working-class and popular neighborhoods, and are calling on the people to vote for the Party in the upcoming elections.

With its participation in the European elections, the KKE shows that it was the only party that, with a sense of responsibility, warned the people in time about the unchanging anti-popular and reactionary character of the EU.

The KKE can look the people in the eye. It is not bound by big interests. That is why it is at the forefront of the struggles for the rights of the working class, the farmers, the self-employed, the university students, the youth, men and women.

Since the previous European elections in 2019, large workers’–people’s mobilizations have broken out in Greece and in many European countries, in confrontation with the anti-popular policies of the EU and the bourgeois governments, liberal and social-democratic.

▶ The workers took to the streets of struggle and asserted their rights.

▶ The farmers set up militant roadblocks with their tractors in large cities, opposing the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy and demanding a reduction in production costs which come from energy sources, industrial products and trade intermediaries who sell agricultural supplies.

▶ In Greece, hundreds of thousands of people protested and condemned the railway accident in Tempe that was bound to happen. This crime bears the mark of the policy followed by the EU, the New Democracy government and all the previous bourgeois governments that had commercialized rail transport.

▶ University and school students fought for their right to education and work.

▶ Millions of people and youth expressed their solidarity with the suffering Palestinian people. They condemned the Israeli state as well as the USA, NATO and the EU that support it.

The struggle continues! The peoples have not said their last word yet! The current disputing the dominant policy must become stronger! The path for the overthrow of the system must be opened, so that people take matters into their own hands. The KKE can look the people in the eye because from the very first moment it has revealed the truth about the EU! Because it organizes the struggle against its strategy!

The EU has turned out to be a prison for the peoples. The EU is “a big family” of big monopolies, bourgeois governments and parties that attacks peoples’ rights. This has been proven by its entire course in the past 3 decades! From the Maastricht Treaty (1992), which only the KKE voted against in the Greek Parliament, the EMU-Eurozone and the Lisbon Treaty to the entire anti-popular arsenal, the EU has opened the doors of hell against the peoples.

The EU single market and competition were supposed to bring economic growth for all, prosperity, good wages for workers, and low prices for basic consumer goods; however, this turned out to be a myth. It has been shown that so-called green growth means very expensive energy for the people, devaluation of energy resources, deepening of energy poverty and destruction of the environment for the benefit of the profits of the ‘green’ giants.

The EU is an alliance of monopolies, a transnational imperialist union, an enemy of the peoples and cannot be changed for the better. It is only getting worse!

The KKE is the only party that fights for the disengagement of the country from the EU, with the workers and the people in power, with social ownership in the means of production.

At the same time, the KKE has been at the forefront of the struggles to repel the storm of anti-labour and anti-popular measures that the EU institutions, together with the bourgeois governments, have been preparing and promoting over time.

In the European elections, on 9 June, the decisive strengthening of the KKE will be the hope and mainstay of the workers’–people’s forces.