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Event of the Attica Party Organization of the KKE to commemorate the liberation of Athens by ELAS

Thousands of members and friends of the KKE took part on Saturday October 13 in the major event of the Attica PO of the KKE in Korais Sq. in Athens on the 74th anniversary of the liberation of Athens in October 1944. The KKE called on the workers, the entire people, to draw strength and inspiration from the people's epic struggle in the 1940s, to understand that the enemy, as powerful as it may seem, is not invincible, that with organization, rallying and struggle they can defeat the toughest opponent.



Louiza Razou, member of the PB of the CC of the party and Secretary of the Attica PO spoke at the event, which is a part of the celebrations in honour of the 100th anniversary of the KKE. She stressed amongst other things in her speech:

"This anniversary brings back to the fore the enormous achievement of the tireless struggle using all forms, and chiefly the armed struggle, against the Nazi occupation of the German imperialists and their allies, the Italians and Bulgarians. This struggle was the work of the popular forces headed by the KKE [...] The activity of the Attica PO in this period is a legacy. Because it practically demonstrates that the balance of forces changes and because it sheds light on the role of the vanguard under any conditions.


The SYRIZA-ANEL government and other state and bourgeois institutions talk of the history of EAM-ELAS, seeking to deprive it of its fundamental relationship with the KKE. Even when they do not ignore this relationship, they seek to distort the real class-based conclusions ... In any case a "pale red" visage is an asset for their current and possible future allies. [..] They all wish to hide the truth from the people, especially from the youth. At the same time when so many men and women were giving their lives in the ranks of EAM, ELAS, EPON with the KKE in the frontline and leadership, the bourgeois class and its parties either collaborated with the occupier or left the country and from abroad plotted against ELAS, the fighting people."

At the end of her speech she called on the working class, the youth, the other popular strata to defend their future, their lives, to fight for their needs.

"With a strong KKE everywhere in the workplaces, in the mass movement organizations, in the working class-popular neighbourhoods as this is the perspective that paves the way for a final liberation of the people from the shackles of capitalist exploitation and oppression."

A large delegation of the CC of the KKE headed by its GS, D. Koutsoumpas, attended the event.

Rally of the KKE on the 74th anniversary of the liberation of Athens