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Every party is assessed by its participation in the class struggle

Regarding the (new) statement of the leadership of the RCWP, which repeats the well-known dead-end positions and attacks against our party, the International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE notes the following:

First, SolidNet is an important achievement of the Communist and Workers’ Parties and the observance of the rules governing it requires responsibility, which, unfortunately, the leadership of the RCWP fails to demonstrate. In its statements, it continues its unacceptable characterizations, turns against specific comrades, uses inaccuracies, and distorts the positions of the KKE and other parties.

Second, the KKE has taken a stand on the positions of the RCWP leadership and its support for the imperialist war in Ukraine between the US-NATO-EU and capitalist Russia. The RCWP leadership has sided with the bourgeoisie and the Russian bourgeois state that exploit and oppress the Russian people.

This stance cannot be justified by the adoption of pretexts about “anti-fascism” used by President Putin for the unacceptable invasion of Ukraine and the continuation of the war for 9 months now, which is killing the Ukrainian and Russian people, causing painful consequences for other peoples, and posing great risks of a generalization and the use of nuclear weapons.

The KKE has not and will not sit on the fence. It has sided with the peoples against the imperialist war being waged between two camps of thieves.

Third, as regards the so-called speech of A.E. Shkolnikov, first secretary of the organization of the CPSU in the Republic of Belarus, at the teleconference of the European Communist Initiative on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the USSR, which is mentionedin the statement of the RCWP, we clarify that it was never delivered due to technical problems and on the responsibility of this party.

Our party has more serious obligations than to follow the slippery slope of the RCWP and A.E. Shkolnikov’s insulting statements and name-calling. The feeling is mutual.

Each party is assessed by its participation in the class struggle, its stance towards the bourgeoisie and the bourgeois state, towards the imperialist alliances and the imperialist war. It is assessed by the ties it has forged with the working class and the popular strata, by the efforts it makes to strengthen those ties, in the struggle to overthrow capitalism. It is based on these that the revolutionary line is tested and a party is separated from opportunism, not in words.  

Through many difficulties, the KKE is leading the class struggle in our country, in conflict with big capital, the bourgeois governments and parties, and the imperialist alliances, for the interests and rights of the working class. It daily fights a long and hard struggle against US imperialism, NATO, and the EU; and this struggle is escalating. 

The KKE has fought hard battles against fascism that the exploitative system gives rise to and uses as a reserve against the working class and the people’s struggle. It has repeatedly shown that the condemnation and isolation of the fascists is the task of the organized and joint struggle of the peoples. Whoever places this responsibility on the bourgeoisie and its state, misleads the peoples.

International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE