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The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) strongly denounces the statements made by I. Mosiychuk, Member of the Parliament of Ukraine of the “Radical” Party, via which he is calling upon “patriots” to murder Petro Symonenko, 1st Secretary of the CC of the CP of Ukraine.

This act that puts the leader of the CP of Ukraine in the firing line along with other cadres of the CP of Ukraine is a dangerous one and demonstrates time and again the anti-democratic situation that has been imposed in recent years in Ukraine, via a coup-d-etat-, with the support of the USA, the EU and NATO. It is a development where the current Ambassador of the USA in Athens, and ex-ambassador in Kiev, J. Pyatt played a specific role.

The KKE expresses its total solidarity with the CP of Ukraine, with the communists of Ukraine, that face the repression of the bourgeois state of Ukraine and all its filth – the Nazi murderers, who shed the blood of their own countrymen and countrywomen.


15/10/2018                               The Press Office of the CC of the KKE