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He still haunts them

“In fact, Zelenskiy is far closer to Lenin than to George Washington. He is a dictator. He is a dangerous authoritarian who has used $100 billion in U.S. tax dollars to erect a one-party police state in Ukraine.” Who wrote this? It is the opinion posted on Twitter by Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of the Russia Today TV network (since 2005) and the Sputnik news agency (since 2014). Her narrative did not come as a bolt from the blue but is linked to the slanders of those who fought against the October Revolution and saw in its leader “the devil, who broke up the great Tsarist Empire with Germany’s money”. Simonyan, one of the main figures in the propaganda machine of present-day bourgeois Russia, continues to engage in anti-communism and demonize Lenin. As the 100th  anniversary of the founding of the Soviet Union approaches, Lenin, the revolutionary who contributed more than anyone else to the establishment of this unique workers’ state and transformed the country from a “prison of nations”, as they called the Tsarist Empire, into an equal alliance of fellow peoples based on socialism, haunts and terrifies them! Russia’s newly bourgeois class still have nightmares about him, whether they sleep in their yachts or in their villas...