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I oppose the implementation of the criminal activities of the USA, NATO and the EU

Addressing the mass rally of the Attica Party Organization of the KKE against military involvement, Amalia Papasotiriou, an Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force, noted among other things:

“Today I stand among you with deep emotion, but also with a sense of responsibility, as an active duty officer of the Greek Air Force. Several years ago, I took an oath to the people of this country: to serve and defend my country. Along the way, I see my colleagues being sent on missions that have nothing to do with defending the sovereignty and the sovereign rights of our country. It is time to say enough is enough! (...)

Our participation in their wars does not suit me, my colleagues or any young conscript in the armed forces. The NATO flag is the flag of the hawks who ruthlessly trample on human beings for the sake of the interests they represent. It is stained with the blood of millions of innocent civilians, women and children. (...)

I refuse to do the same for the interests of those who are slaughtering the people of Palestine and Ukraine today, as they did with the people of Syria, Iraq and Yugoslavia a few years ago. These interventions resulted in millions of victims, dead, wounded and uprooted, many of whom were young children and civilians. (...)

I refuse to participate in any way in the implementation and facilitation of the criminal activities of NATO and the European Union. I refuse to be an accomplice in the bloodshed of the peoples, wherever in the world the real terrorists, i.e. the US government, the NATO staffs and the European Union directorates, are planning it. (...)

Therefore, today, every person should ask themselves: ‘What have I done to prevent all these warmongering plans that are being drawn up?’. If each one of us really chooses the position of defending the interests of the people, if all honest people come together, then we will preserve peace, we will defend the happiness of our children, the happiness and prosperity of the peoples.”