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The entire 15-member Parliamentary Group of the KKE tabled a question in parliament to the Foreign and Defense ministers on the question of the country's disentanglement from the imperialist interventions and wars.


To the Defense and Foreign ministers

Theme: On the disentanglement of the country from the imperialist interventions and wars.

The decisions of the governments of ND and PASOK in the previous years, as well as the ones of the SYRIZA-ANEL government today, for the involvement of Greece in imperialist interventions and wars, have placed and continue to place our country, our people in great hazards and dangers.

The slogan "No land, no water for the murderers of the people" has been historically expressed by our people. They shouted it during the war unleashed by the USA, NATO,EU against Yugoslavia in 1999 and in the later wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya. Our people shout it in demonstrations throughout the country, denouncing the governmental decisions for the participation of Greek military forces in NATO's exercises, the provision of the base of Suda and other military bases and headquarters to the more general imperialist plans.

These days, the working people, the youth, with mass demonstrations in Hania demanded the closure of the US-NATO base in Suda, while in Alexandroupoli and other cities in Thraki, they demand that no Greek territory be used for the transit of foreign military forces which will participate in NATO's "Noble Jump" exercise in Romania.

According to published reports 4,000 military officers from Albania, Bulgaria, Britain, USA, Spain, Latvia, Romania, Norway, Holland and Poland will participate in NATO's exercise in Romania. Greece participates in the exercise by providing "Host Nation" support, during the transit of British, Spanish and Albanian military units through Northern Greece via the axis Alexandroupoli-Ormenio and Krystallopigi-Promachonas.

According to official statements, the Greek government is committed to "providing facilitation at the airport and the seaport of Alexandroupoli during the deployment and redeployment of personnel and vehicles. Accommodation for personnel. Services for their escort and security during the reception, transit and departure from the country. Operation and staffing of the local coordination center in Alexandroupoli. Facilitation for logistics and medical treatment services. Access to ground and satellite communications."

It is a fact that this NATO exercise also prepares the ground for new wars and interventions, for the formation of an inter-state military force capable of being used against the peoples, wherever needed.

The SYRIZA-ANEL government, following the path of the previous governments and in the name of the so-called geostrategic enhancement doctrine, bears serious responsibilities because it provides Greek territory, the military bases of our country and multifaceted assistance to the murderous apparatus of NATO.

Within these circumstances, the positions and the struggle of the KKE and the labour-people's movement acquire special significance: "No land, no water for the murderers of the people", immediate disengagement of the country from imperialist interventions and wars, closure of the Suda base and other US-NATO bases and headquarters, return of the Greek military forces from missions abroad, the complete disengagement of our country from NATO and the other imperialist organizations.

The Ministers are asked: what is the position of the government regarding the people's demand for the country not to be involved in the imperialist plans and for Greek territory, camps and sections of the Greek Armed Forces not to be used in NATO's "Noble Jump"exercise and other similar military exercises?

What is the position of the government regarding the people's demand for the non-renewal of the agreement with the USA concerning the Suda base, the closure of this base and other US-NATO bases which are directed against our people and other peoples?"