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Immediate release of all refugees and immigrants from Lesvos! Close the RIC of Moria, do not open any other RIC!

The Press Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece issued the following statement on the fire that broke out in the Reception and Identification Center (RIC) of Moria and the tragic and explosive situation on the island of Lesvos:


"Immediate release of all refugees and immigrants from Lesvos. Close Moria and do not open any other RIC.


The government has heavy responsibilities for the tragic and dangerous situation that has arisen in Lesvos for the thousands of refugees and the inhabitants, after the disastrous fire in the RIC of Moria. It must immediately provide a substantial solution, ensuring the health and the rights of inhabitants, refugees and immigrants.

The government, which has long been aware that the situation in the RIC of Moria was explosive due to the large number of people entrapped in miserable conditions and the great dangers that the transmission of the pandemic would create to the RIC due to the overcrowding, turned a deaf ear to the demand to close the RIC, release all refugees and immigrants and take substantial protection measures until their relocation is completed.

It still has great responsibilities because, in order to satisfy the demands of big businessmen in tourism and transport, it violated the health protocols and allowed the pandemic to spread first to the residents of Lesvos and eventually to the RIC of Moria.

The government has great responsibilities, because with its policy and with a permanent goal to create a closed hot spot (either with the expansion of Moria or in another part of the island), it allowed situations of humanitarian - health risks to emerge and paved the way for events that favor the further implementation of the EU reactionary plans, for the transformation of the Aegean islands into permanent concentration camps for immigrants by creating closed RICs.

The KKE demands the immediate release of all refugees and immigrants from Lesvos. Moria must be closed and no other RIC, closed or open, must be created.

The government must charter ships today and arrange for the transport of refugees and immigrants to the mainland, in compliance with all sanitary protocols, ensuring places with humane conditions of safety and hygiene for their temporary accommodation, until they are given the documents needed to go to the countries of their destination.

It must carry out diagnostic tests on all refugees and immigrants so that the corona-virus patients can be quarantined in the isolation area of hotels before leaving the island.

Special care and priority must be given to the organized transport of families with children as well as the hundreds of unaccompanied minors. Any kind of delay is not justified.

In conditions of pandemic, but also escalating tension in the Aegean due to the aggression of the Turkish government, promoted by NATO, USA and the EU, in order to proceed with the planning for the co-exploitation of the Aegean, the operation of closed or open concentration camps for refugees and immigrants in the Aegean islands proves to be even more dangerous.

The government is taking on huge new responsibilities, to the extent that it will take advantage of this explosive situation to proceed with the planning for the establishment of refugee confinement camps on Lesvos and other islands. The people of Lesvos have the knowledge and power to prevent this".