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Statement by the Press Office of the CC of the KKE

Israel escalates its murderous attacks and warfare

The State of Israel which, for months now, has been continuing the massacre of the Palestinian people, first of all in the Gaza Strip, but also in the rest of the occupied Palestinian territories, causing the death of thousands of civilians and young children, has decided to escalate its murderous action and the warfare.

To this end, it has launched a missile attack on Iran’s consulate in Damascus, killing at least 11 people. This despicable and reprehensible act is no accident. It is linked to Israel’s plans for a generalization of the war in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf region, with the support of its allies, the USA, the EU and, of course, the New Democracy government, which is becoming the lapdog of the imperialist Euro-Atlantic plans in Ukraine and the Middle East, with the support of other pro-NATO parties.

Israel’s criminal action also targeted a humanitarian aid convoy in Gaza, despite the agreements made with the Israeli army, resulting in the deaths of seven humanitarian workers (Australian, Palestinian, Polish, British citizens and one person with dual US- Canadian citizenship). We demand:

  • That the government immediately cease all aid to the State of Israel.
  • The recognition of the Palestinian state on borders established before 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital.
  • That our country be disengaged from criminal imperialist plans and organizations.


ATHENS 02/04/2024