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Joint Statement in Solidarity with KKE

Dear comrades,

We, Communist and Workers Parties are following the developments in Greece, the offensive of the European Union, capital and its political representatives against the workers'-people's rights.

We, Communist and Workers' Parties have supported the struggles of the Greek workers and we have expressed our internationalist solidarity with and support for the struggle of the KKE.

For many years, the governments of ND and PASOK in cooperation with the EU-ECB-IMF have implemented memoranda and harsh anti-people laws with painful consequences for the working class and popular strata.

Today, the anti-people agreement-third memorandum which was signed by the SYRIZA-ANEL government, supported by ND and PASOK, with the Troika maintains the anti-people measures of the previous governments and thrusts new burdens onto the workers of Greece, unbearable taxation, the abolition of social-security and labour rights, the reductions in wages and pensions, privatizations etc., worsening the situation of the families from the popular strata even further.

These developments allow us to draw certain useful conclusions in order to strengthen the people's struggle, such as:

Capitalism can not be humanized. It gives rise to crises, unemployment and poverty. In reality, it has been demonstrated that every kind of management of the system sharpens the people's problems and increases the profits of big capital.
The EU is a reactionary imperialist organization. "Democracy", "Solidarity" and social justice can not exist inside its framework.

We, the Communist and Workers Parties which sign this message, appreciate the decisive-consistent stance of the KKE at the side of the working class, the Greek people for the abolition of the memoranda, against the anti-people agreement signed by the SYRIZA-ANEL government (and the other bourgeois political parties) with the Troika (EU-ECB-IMF).

Our parties salute the struggle of the communists in Greece for the workers'-people's rights, the overthrow of capitalist barbarity, for socialism.




  1. CP of Albania
  2. CP of Australia
  3. Party of Labour of Austria
  4. Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism (PADS),
  5. CP of Bangladesh
  6. WP of Bangladesh
  7. CP of the Workers of Belarus
  8. Brazilian CP
  9. Communist Pole Luis Carlos Prestes - Brazil
  10. CP of Britain
  11. NCP of Britain
  12. CP of Bulgaria
  13. Party of the Bulgarian Communists
  14. Union of Communists in Bulgaria
  15. CP of Canada
  16. CP of Denmark
  17. CP in Denmark
  18. CP, Denmark
  19. Communist Wokers' Party - For Peace and Socialism (Finland)
  20. Pole of Communist Revival in France
  21. UCP of Georgia
  22. Workers' Party of Hungary
  23. Workers' Party of Ireland
  24. CP, Italy
  25. Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan
  26. CP of Luxembourg
  27. CP of Macedonia (FYROM)
  28. CP of Malta
  29. CP of Mexico
  30. Popular Socialist Party of Mexico
  31. NCP of the Netherlands
  32. CP of Norway
  33. CP of Pakistan
  34. CP of Palestine
  35. Palestinian PP
  36. Phillipinese CP [PKP-1930]
  37. CP of Poland
  38. CP of Puerto Rico
  39. CP of the Russian Federation
  40. Russian CWP
  41. CP of Soviet Union
  42. NCP of Yugoslavia
  43. CP of Slovakia
  44. South African CP
  45. CP of the Peoples of Spain
  46. Galizan Movement for Socialism
  47. Primeira Linha, Galicia
  48. CP of Sweden
  49. Syrian CP
  50. CP (Turkey)
  51. CP of Ukraine
  52. Union of Communists of Ukraine
  53. Communist Refoundation Uruguay
  54. Party of Communists USA
  55. Freedom Road Socialist Organization (USA)
  56. CP of Venezuela