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KKE-KNE: Protest outside of the Serbian Embassy against the unacceptable exclusion of the NCPY from the serbian elections

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) organized a protest in front of the Embassy of Serbia in Athens on Friday June 19th, 2020, denouncing the unacceptable exclusion of the voting list “Socialism is the only alternative” where the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia participates, for the elections of June 21st by the Electorarl Commission of the country, under various pretexts.


A delegation of the Party headed by Lefteris Nikolaou-Alavanos, MEP, me with Alexandra Stankovic, 1st Secretary of the Embassy, and expressed KKE’s strong protest of this development, filing a formal letter that reads:


“The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) denounces and condemns the exclusion, the unjust discrimination and the pretexts used at the expense of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia (NCPY) and of the electoral list where it participates, with the decision of the Electoral Commission of Serbia to not allow its participation in the National Elections of June 21st.


The NCPY deposited on time the relevant file for its candidacy and the necessary signatures. Despite this, the Electoral Commission with various pretexts did not accept the candidacy. Following this development and the appeal of NCPY, the appeal was rejected by the Administrative Court of Belgrade.


We have to mention that although the electoral list of the communists was rejected, other lists of bourgeois reactionary forces were accepted even though they did not fulfill the prerequisites.


It is a political choice that aims at presenting the political activity, the diffusion of the ideas of the communists in Serbia with various obstacles.


The KKE expresses its solidarity to the NCPY and demands of the Embassy of Serbia in Athens to transfer to its government and to the Electoral Commission our strong denouncement of this unacceptable exclusion.”