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KKE Letter of Protest to the Sudanese Embassy in Athens

Tuesday 12/02/2019

A letter of protest at the Sudanese Embassy in Athens, directed to Ambassador Abdullah Ahmed Osman , was sent by the KKE.

Specifically, the letter states:


With this letter, the KKE denounces the continued detention of our comrades, members of the Sudanese Communist Party, who are fighting for the democratic and social rights of the people.

Despite the authorities' allegations that several protesters have been released, members of the Sudanese Communist Party remain in prisons, such as members of the CC of the SCP: Fathi Alfadl and Ali Said, while some of them face serious health problems.

The KKE demands the immediate and unconditional release of all Sudanese Communist prisoners and the cessation of any persecution against the Sudanese Communist Party and the popular militants. "