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KKE: NO to the continuing bankruptcy of the people

The KKE held mass demonstrations on the 26th of June 2015 in the major cities of Greece against the new anti-people measures and agreements with the lenders, which are being prepared by the SYRIZA-ANEL government.

D. Koutsoumpas, the GS of the CC of the KKE, said, amongst other things, during his speech in Athens’ central square:

“The Greek people must say a big NO to the agreement, NO to their own continuing bankruptcy, NO to the parties of the EU one-way street and capitalist power. They must chart a course so that they can really take the reins of power.

The people must struggle alongside the KKE, they must impede the anti-people measures, on the streets, in the workplaces.

SYRIZA became the government by hijacking the workers’-people’s demands. It is now trying to deceive the people once again, distorting and interpreting the people’s votes in line with its interests.

Five months after the elections, the government is preparing to send the people the bill with the measures of the new agreement that are truly a noose around the necks of the families from the popular strata who have bled and will continue to bleed for the debt, for the EU, for the profitability of the monopolies, if they do not start a counterattack along the path of rupture and conflict with the EU and the monopolies.

The Greek people must reject both the proposals of the lenders-“three institutions” and also the proposals of the Tsipras government of 47+8 pages, they are both barbaric, a guillotine for the people.

The SYRIZA-ANEL government and also its European partners and the IMF, with the intervention of the USA, have not given up on the efforts to save capitalist Greece inside the framework of the capitalist EU.”

In early hours of the morning of the 27th of June, the Prime Minister A. Tsipras announced a referendum, whose question will be whether the people accept the proposal of the lenders or not.

In an intervention during the program of the Mega TV station, shortly after the Prime Minister’s address, Yiannis Gkiokas, member of the CC of the KKE and responsible for its Press Office, stressed that:

“The position of the KKE is clear. The NO of the Greek people must be directed towards both proposals-the proposal of the lenders and also the proposal of the government of 47 pages that has had details added to it during this whole period.

Both proposals contain savage measures at the expense of the people.

The referendum has the features of blackmail against the people and aims to make them complicit in the anti-people plans, by calling on them to choose between two evils.

The government must cease telling fairytales about allegedly respecting the people’s will. The people struggled in the previous years and bled against the memoranda and application laws. And during these 5 months, the government has not abolished any law, has maintained the previous framework untouched and is also proposing new measures to the lenders.

The government says that the proposal of the lenders is outside the people’s mandate. Is its own proposal inside the boundaries of the people’s mandate?

The government told lies to the Greek people. It promised them that they could be freed from the memoranda and austerity inside the EU and the capitalist development path and now it is trying to manage the collapse of this pre-election narrative.

The people must say no to both of them in every way and using every means available. They must reject the plan of the creditors and also the plan of the government. They must rise up and fight for the only realistic solution for their own interests, which is rupture with the EU and with the current path of development.”