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KKE: No to all drugs!

Poster of CY of Greece against all drugs:FOR A FULL LIFE, NOT A LIFE IN DOSAGES. NO TO ALL DRUGS

In reference to today's International Day Against Drug Abuse , the Press Bureau of the CC of the KKE issued the following statement:

“The International Day Against Drug Abuse finds us facing yet another huge problem for the people and the youth, the dangerous policy of the SYRIZA government who with the agreement of the other parties (ND, KINAL, etc. ) intends both legally and ideologically to legalize drugs and let users off the hook.

This policy is that which:

  • Declares cannabis is not a drug, with the result that the use of cannabis is increasing continually, the age of first use by students is constantly decreasing, the addiction of young people to it is rising and the Indicator for those seeking therapy for drug addiction with the main addictive substance being cannabis in our country, is today at 46%, from the 25% that it was at in the previous 5-year period.







Poster of CY of Greece against all drugs:FOR A FULL LIFE, NOT A LIFE IN DOSAGES. NO TO ALL DRUGS

  • Continues to support as the main therapy model the heroin replacements (methadone, buprenorphine) which already in a number of EU countries are the main addictive substance for which users seek therapy. In addition, already in 5 EU countries the number of deaths from heroin replacements are greater than those from heroin itself. The 'highly-publicized' replacement programs that supposedly would solve the problem certainly have not solved it and given their compete failure, they now advertise as a solution the Supervised Consumption Spaces (SCS).
  • In a step-by step way, it promotes a compromise with drugs within the SCS that essentially marginalizes users, reduces motivation for therapy, encourages the use and the strengthening of social tolerance for drug distribution The next governmental step will be to ready the “home-based naloxone program “ that will train the user and his family to use at home with special packages of the substance provided by the state.

Confronting these policies that aim mainly to push young people to the margins of life and social action, the KKE struggles for:

  • People to play the leading role in social life, with clear consciousness
  • To be able to struggle and to create based on their needs and not be dragged into a false world with the use of drugs.

The KKE demands the creation of a Single Organization for Prevention – Treatment – Social Rehabilitation, public and free, strengthening of the “dry” treatment programs and the Prevention Centers and puts forward demands for an anti-drug policy that has as its central element, the reduction of demand, in which the central role will be played by Primary Prevention.

The KKE calls upon the people and the youth to struggle against the legalization of drugs, the vindication of cannabis, the legalization of drug use within the Supervised Consumption Spaces. The stance of the KKE against all drugs to be a voting criteria for the people and the youth facing the upcoming national elections.

For the KKE the struggle against all drugs is an issue of primary importance and in this context, it will continue to take on militant initiatives within the labor, mass and youth movement.”